Make Money Uploading & Selling Photos Online

Selling Images

If you enjoy taking photos or maybe, photography is one of your hobbies, then you could turn your hobby into a money making project.

Even though most people prefer taking photos for their own personal use or for uploading on their own websites, you could decide to turn your photography to money.

Nowadays, there are many website where you can submit your photos and get paid every time someone uploads your image from a website.

If you are reading this post and you would like to start making money taking photos for sale, the following is a list of websites where you can submit your images/photos and get paid;


Istockphoto is a place for stock images, media and design elements. Basically, it is a market place for artists, designers and photographers from all over the world. You can find vector based arts, illustrations, music and sound effects on their website.

Before you can start submitting any work to Istockphoto, you will need to register on their website, take a qualifying quiz, submit 3 samples of your work and wait for the editors to review your work. If your work is approved, you can now start submitting more photos.

You get paid based on current royalty rate, which is 15% for each file downloaded and up to 45% for exclusive contributors, plus other royalty and subscription benefits.


GettyImages is one of the best and a popular website where you can sell your photos and get paid. They buy different types of images, including creative, footage, news, sport, entertainment and archived, among others.


ShutterStock images are exposed to a wide range of audience and potential buyers. You can earn in between $0.25 to $75 or more, depending on the type of images a buyer download. You also get access to their earning schedule where you can find more information about payment.


Fotolibra is another great website where you can sell your photos and get paid. They usually have images of recently sold photos on their display. You can be able to know whether someone has bought your photos even before you login.

They have minimum upload requirements, which include the following;

  • The images must be uncompressed (level12) jpegs or tiffs
  • The image’s shorter dimension must be at least 1750 pixels
  • Images file size must be greater than 1024Kb (1mb) and less than 100mb.
  • Images must be in rgb or grey scale
  • Images must be 8-bit
  • Images must be 300ppi


Veer is not only a place for selling photos. You can also sell stock illustrations, fonts, templates, brochures, letterhead or even other creative works, among others.  The following is their current payment rate for photos;

  • Xsmall photos – $0.35 per download
  • Small – $1.05
  • Medium – $2.10
  • Large – $3.50
  • Xlarge – $5.25
  • Xxlarge – $7.00


Photostockplus does have various tools that they can use to promote your work. You then keep 85% of the profit your downloads make. You can sell your image over and over or raise/lower prices.

In addition, you maintain all rights to your photos. However, unlike other websites where you can sell your photos or images for free, here you pay a pro member fee as follows;

  • $24.95 a month – 300 Mb account (Up to 3,000 compressed event images).
  • $34.95 a month – 2 Gb account (Up to 20,000 compressed event images).
  • $49.95 a month  – 10 Gb account (Unlimited event images).
  • $99.00 a year – 300 Mb account (Up to 3,000 compressed event images).
  • $199.95 a year- 2 Gb account (Up to 20,000 compressed event images).
  • $499.00 a year – 10 Gb account (Unlimited event images).

Other websites where you can sell your photos are;

  • Crestock
  • CutCaster
  • Feefoto
  • Flickr

These are some of the websites where you can submit your photos and get paid. Feel free to visit them to learn more about their terms of use and what kind of images they accept.

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