Naming Force Review – Get Paid for Names

Get Paid for Coming Up with Names

If you are good in coming up with interesting/catchy names or matching products to appropriate sounding names, then you could turn your passion into money making with Naming Force.

Over the last few years, the number of companies or individuals wanting to start their own online businesses have increased tremendously and with the main aim of each company being to be able to stand out among the thousands companies or websites, the need for a catchy name or a good business name has become indeed crucial.

This need has led to setting up of sites like Naming Force, which it’s sole purpose is to help individuals or companies come up with memorable names for their businesses or products.

Basically, what Naming Force does it to hold naming contests for their clients. Clients who have problems finding suitable or creative names for their businesses, websites or products turn to Naming Force for help. Naming Force then hold contests or crowdsource these projects to their registered members.

How Naming Force Works

Here is a short summary of how Naming Force works;

  • A client submits a contest.
  • Namers or registered members are invited to submit names. This phase usually takes in between 7 to 10 days.
  • Registered members or namers are then asked to vote for their favorite name. This phase takes around 3 days.
  • The client is invited to review the names and to pick the winner. This phase takes around 7 days.

However, if the client does not pick a winner within 7 days, the namer who got the most votes win the contest and get paid full amount of the contest.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid?

There is no limit on how much money you can make with Naming Force. However, your overall earnings will be determined by how many naming contests you participate in, how many of your suggested names are chosen and your name score or your ranking.

The higher the ranking the better and the more names you will be allowed to submit per contest.

On average, the payout is usually around $100 per contest. However, sometimes it can be lower or higher than $100, ranging in between $50 -$500. All rewards payout rates are set by the contest holders. Payments are done through Paypal.


Naming Force offers a great way to earn some descent income online for those who are able to come up with competitive or catchy products or businesses names.

However, unlike other money making opportunities where you are somehow guaranteed you will be paid or atleast you could make some money after completing a project, with Naming Force, there is no guarantee and you will have to rely on your creativity.

The other downside is that, the website only accepts USA citizens and not open to other international members.

23 thoughts on “Naming Force Review – Get Paid for Names

  1. Wallet Squirrel says:

    I did my own review of Naming Force and have been checking out other sites to see what they think. I don’t think it’s a scam, but it is a real waste of time. BECAUSE whenever I checked out a contest, there were already 600 different entries (and growing) so my chances were 1 in 600, bad start.

    Then you only have a small paragraph describing what the company is and that doesn’t even tell you what they are thinking of. SO you’re basically blind submitting not really knowing your client. In the end, you’re spending 20-30 min thinking of a clever name, searching to make sure there is an available domain and then submitting for a 1 in 600 chance of earning $50.

    That’s why in my opinion it’s a waste of time. This is was a nice overview post.

  2. Sarah J says:

    I’ve done work for, and know others who hosted contests on, Naming Force and personally I have a few big complaints about it even though I have won several contests. Yes, you can win and get a good name, but it is far from perfect.

    #1 problem – the site is misleading. on the front page it says “namers submit. we vote / rank all names. you choose a winner” It sounds like these are three different groups, right? Well, voting is not unbiased. The same people entering the contests are the ones voting so the results are skewed and very misleading which can affect who wins and the name you are led to believe is the most popular. An independent group should be voting, and I also don’t have much faith in the voting algorithm in terms of which names it shows when and how they move up in ranking.

    #2 There is a huge intellectual property problem with theft of ideas and entering of the same names with slight misspellings or alterations. All contests should be private and those hosting contests need to be aware that they are entitled to the use of ONLY the ONE name they choose as the winner. After all, this is free labor for the most part as most working hard at naming will not win nor get paid any compensation for their time and ideas (this is the risk and where the best namers should have an advantage). It would also, thus, help if there were more consolation prizes.

    #3 There needs to be a limit on how many people and names can be entered into the competitions. Over 1000 is already a lot for a contest holder to review, and sometimes the number of entries reach 2000, 3000 or more. This significantly reduces the odds of winning or getting a good name and half the time the contest holder never even looks at the entries or picks a winner.

  3. Kadie says:

    Naming Force is seriously teetering on the edge of being a scam. First, notice how many private naming contests the have. These are the contests where the person choosing the name has “chosen to keep name private”. You only get to know the handle (aka user name) of the person who won, so there is no real way of knowing what the name picked was or if it was a version of something the owners of Naming Force wanted. There are rumors that some of the top “winners” of these contests are in fact the people behind the site itself, thus they keep more profit. The people at the top of the winners board are almost always the winners of these contests. Why? Because they’re more talented? No. Because they have obtained one of the higher rankings and as such can mark their own names as more important to the client. Hardly a fair system.
    Second, their only method of paying people is PayPal. No checks, no bank deposits, not even credit cards, just PayPal…which the conveniently have a referral link for you to sign up thru.
    Finally their system of voting is suspect at best. They reward you for voting, but they don’t require any kind of check to see that you’re actually paying attention. You can simply click continuously without paying any attention in one spot until you reach that mark.
    I’ve only seen one name not on their top leader board win in the last two months, and that was for $250. You can make far more doing Mturk and it’s guaranteed money. With this company you may as well buy a lottery ticket.

  4. Alphred Knewman says:

    Based on a comprehensive five year study of the NamingForce site:
    Despite being “liked”, and sometimes even receiving “Client” feedback, 95+% of the NF “Contests” ultimately end in the client’s somehow inability to make a final selection from the multitude of “Namer” submissions. This failing translates into the “winning entry” being determined via the NF voting system. Under the pretext that most contests are “Private” the “winning name” is almost never revealed. Meanwhile the contest’s prize money continuously goes to the top seven names on the NF All-Time naming leader board. Coincidence???

  5. Namer says:

    One of their system messages says “230 unique Namers won on 517 contests in 2014!” But it would make sense if the same few people kept winning because some people are better than others and put more time into it. If you achieve a certain monthly rank, you get the right to submit more names, protest a duplicate detection, etc., which gives you an even greater advantage. Voting on, I think an average of 30-40 names per day for a month, gives you even more power. A first timer can’t expect to be as successful as the most experienced namers who do everything to maximize their chances.

    • Daria M says:

      Except the ones who win all the time primarily are not selected by the contest holder, but selected by a vote they themselves participate in. The judging of names is not done by a neutral party. So it is quite a coincidence that all the other names pick those few people all the time. VERY unlikely and suspicious!

  6. Susan says:

    What a Joke~ Don’t Waste Your Time~ This Site is Garbage and The Same Ole People Win and The Names They Pick are Crazy Bad~They Put a Big Red Mark Thru Names You Worked All Day to Find for The Company or You Wait All Week to See How You Did and They Send You Something Like~~~Oh Well The PRIVATE COMPANY Didn’t Pick a name So It Goes to The 2 Top Namers~~~”REALLY” I Was SOOOO Excited Because I Had A “LIKE” and a Few Protected Names ~ But The Company Decided Not To Use Any of The Names from Anyone~~~~ I Deleted My Account Because I Feel They are Using Our Good Names and We are Not Being Paid for Them~BETTER BUSINESS Should Check Out This Company and Their Facebook Account is Also A Joke~ They Do Not Accept Any Comments ??? Very Strange…Live and Learn !!!

  7. Jack says:

    Something is not quite right about this site. My rating was a 10 and I followed the companies instructions whereas they said there are words they dont want. Then I look at the list of liked names and many of them are using the words they dont like. The names I see posted are ridiculous and I have alot of questions about this site. Something is not quite right, too bad.

    • Liberti says:

      I was on it for 8 months and did not make ONE single dime. Had a lot of things client liked in the green and some protected but not chosen every time got email said client did not pick a name. Right I doubt that and the name picked was really often stupid and yeah using names they said DO NOT use. The same people won over and over. Wes the owner claims they paid different people but when you see the winners it is always the same people. I rarely saw anyone new win. Usually the same 5-15 winners chosen by Naming Force. I saw really good names better than ones chosen that did not win. Much more fitting. But no these same people won over and over. It is a scam. I am filing a report against them wasted 8 months for nothing not one single dime.

      • Deb B. says:

        I’ve won $3,325 so far on Naming Force and am currently in second place on the board for recent months. It’s legit & they pay instantly, no wait like the other contests. A great site and Wes the owner is always open to suggestions and replies when you contact him. Highly recommend! Deb (username brom4880)

  8. Thomas Harding says:

    Rigged voting for the people the owner of knows personally. Nepotism galore on The general public can’t win on this nepotism saturated website. Demoted from sergeant down to corporal with no explanation. Because I wasn’t a member of the website owner’s immediate family or close circle of friends. The existence of this website is a mystery since the general public really isn’t welcome there. The con artist owner of this website even somehow managed to secure a Facebook page for his scam business. Notice how his Facebook page has zero input from the general public. Stands to reason since the general public really isn’t welcome on his website. I have a theory as to what really goes on on Names are stolen from the submissions offered by the general public without compensation to the general public. is a one person run con game with no oversight from the BBB. And this one person has the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. I will eventually report to the Better Business Bureau at the very least to make its existence known since up to this point, it has existed under the radar of the masses as a convenient little hole in the wall for its owner, immediate family, and close circle of friends. The voting process itself is a joke in all aspects. Some of your submissions are deleted prematurely without allowing them to filter through the voting process. The owners that fail to pick a winner supposedly default to an impartial voting system whereby the top two submissions are awarded. Yet, A+ submissions aren’t in the top two? Really? And since when do the top two submissions win? I thought the whole supposed premise of the website is that only one winner gets picked with only one money prize. Regardless of whether or not the owner actually picks the winner himself. The supposed rules of jump all over the map at the whim of the owner of this website. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

    • Liberti says:

      I agree Mr. Wes says no not friends or family right then how come my screen shots for months show the SAME winners again and again and no one new. Or maybe one or two new. You work hard get good names and nada even protected name not chosen and some stupid name is that is like WHAT are you kidding me that is what they chose?

      • Deb B. says:

        I know Wes has been accused of that, and he even asked me if he could give my name and address to those who were complaining so they could contact me, and I said yes. Its legit, but there is a LOT of competition, often over 2,000 entries so hard to win. I wish there was a way to limit that, especially since some entries are obviously someone copying another entry already entered with slight variation(in contests where the entries are visible). Also, I think the voting is probably screwed up because if people competing are voting they’re not going to vote up their competitors with good names. So there could be some improvements, but its all legit, and yes some people get picked more than others. I’m always trying to keep up with “Clever Namer” – they’re apparently good. I’ve entered on many other sites with this same user name brom4880 so that kind of proves Wes isn’t controlling the wins. Pays immediately too so a great site overall!

          • Deb B says:

            Sorry I didn’t see you message earlier. I have won many times on Crowdspring, Squadhelp, Hatchwise, and several that are now defunct.

        • Donna Lunsford says:

          Deb, glad you stood up for Wes. I have been doing this for a year now and finally made the leader-board. Have won $1800 so far and I can’t wait to wake up wondering if I won and also to see which names DID win! Sometimes it can be frustrating not to see the private names, but all in all a great site. And he is constantly fine tuning it.
          It keeps my mind busy, and if some people win all the time it means they have creative minds and persevere. I give Wes an A + !!
          From one creative mind to another…Over and out!

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