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No Website Needed Review

No Website Millionaire is a new internet marketing system created by Travis Scott. Travis Scott is a well known internet marketer who has released previous informational products of which some of them have been very successful. This time around, he is introducing yet another system – No Website Millionaire.

What Exactly is No Website Millionaire System?
No Website Millionaire System is an online money making system that you can set up and start making money online, without the need of building a or maintaining a website.  Travis Scott claims anyone regardless of age, skills or technical experience can be able to use the system and make money online almost “immediately”.

How the No Website Millionaire System Works?
The whole system is composed of three main steps;

Step One – Activating your Commission Platform – This step is all about purchasing the basic membership plan of the program and how to get started with the system.  Here you have to sign up with Speed Wealth System, which is one of the system No Website Millionaire is using to generate for you commission.

The Speed Wealth System membership cost $37 per month. You then get paid $20 for everyone who signs under you and pay the monthly membership fee.

Step two – This step is all about generating traffic to your offer and how to track your sales. Here the No Website Millionaire System shows you how to use click magic, which is basically a link tracker to track your affiliate sales. There is also a training on where or 5 sources where you can purchase paid traffic and how to submit your tracking link to the traffic sources sites.

Step 3 – This is step is all about earning money on autopilot. Travis Scott claims once you have completed the given 2 steps, you can now relax and wait for money to start “rolling” into your account.

Once you are through with first 3 steps training, you can now move to learning about how to set up your squeeze pages.  This training is composed of 4 parts, including;

  • How to sign up for an autoresponder account (GetResponse)
  • How to create some squeeze pages
  • How to generate traffic to your offers using Webfire.
  • How to set up your emails campaigns to run on autopilot.

Basically, it is a basic training on how to set up your autoresponder account and email campaigns.

No Website Millionaire is just acting like a portal by connecting its members to other programs. Unfortunately, these programs are not free and you will be required to pay some fee to use them or to earn any money from them.

The training also seems to be very basic for a price of $49.  If you are a beginner, it much better to purchase a much more worth course or training like Blogging with John Chow or Shoe in the Money, which can be of much help to you.

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