My-Online Passive Income (My-OPI) Review

My Online Passive Income (My-OPI) is a new program that claims to offer a powerful marketing solution for those looking for ways to promote their affiliate links as well as to earn a passive income from their ad packs purchase.

Joining My-OPI
Joining My-OPI is free and open to all. You basically signs up and immediately thereafter, you are taken to a new page to purchase some ad packs. My-OPI is offering three different kinds of ad packs;

  • Profit Share Ad Packs
  • Silver Cycler Ad Packs
  • My-OPI Power Matrix
  • My-OPI Line of Products

My-OPI is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join and purchase positions in form of ad packs in the company’s compensation plan. They are then paid a certain ROI based on the total number of ad packs they have purchased. Bundled with the positions/ad packs are some advertising credits that allow their banners or text ads to be displayed on the same website.

My-OPI Compensation Plan
My-OPI Compensation plan revolves around affiliate investing in any of their three ad packs. They are then paid a certain daily income, until a ROI of 120% is attained. Here are the 3 different kinds ad packs, plus how much money they get paid with each plan;

1. Profit Share Ad Pack
Profit-Share Ad Pack cost just $10. You then earn $12 per Ad Pack, giving your a ROI of 120% per ad pack, upon expiry (time frame not specific). You also receives 2,000 Banner Ad impressions and 20 Business Directory ad credits.

2. Silver Cycler Ad Pack
Silver Cycler Ad Pack cost $25 each. You then earn $30 for every 4 new Silver Cycler Ad Packs purchased by your referrals or referrals recruited by other members. You also get 2x re-entries into the Silver Cycler Ad Pack.

3. The My-OPI Power Matrix
My-OPI Power-Matrix is a 2×10 company-forced matrix. For all positions that you purchase in the Power-Matrix, you receive a 2×10 matrix for that position. Each position cost $15 and has a total payout of $3,007. You can purchase up to 5 Power-Matrix positions at a time, up to a maximum of 100,000. You then get paid a certain commission on each level, as shown below;

My-OPI Referral Commissions

  • You earn a $1 sponsor bonus for every Profit-Share Ad Pack that your personally recruited referrals purchase.
  • You earn a $2 sponsor bonus for every Power-Matrix position that your personally referred referrals purchase.
  • You also earn a $5 sponsor bonus for every Silver Cycler position that your personally recruited referrals purchase.

My-OPI Payment Processors and Withdrawals
My-OPI is accepting Egopay, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Perfect Money, OKPay and Bitcoin. The daily maximum withdrawal for affiliates who have a balance less than $5,000 is $500 and for affiliates with balances over $5,000 is $1,000.

No retailable products or services, affiliates investing in positions in form of ad packs, expecting a certain ROI upon investment, it’s obvious here we are not dealing with your usual MLM rather than a typical modern day Ponzi scheme, where the money being paid to existing affiliates is sourced from the new affiliates.