PaidForumPosting Review – Get Paid for Blog Commenting

Get Paid for Blog Commenting

PaidForumPosting is a little bit different from other paid forums websites. They hire members to comment on other blogs/websites unlike other paid forums that accept members to post or comment on their own forum.

As stated on their website, the company has been in operation since 2005 and they specialize in contents creation for other websites. They also do offer other services such as; article writing, blog commenting and forum moderation.

How PaidForumPosting Works?

If you are an employer and you would like to hire any of their services, you simply place an order on the website, give instructions and verify your payment.

Your work/project is then listed for the writers to see with the specific instructions that you have given out.

PostForumPosting accept staffs from all over the world, provided you have a good command of written English. In addition, you must pass their vetting and assessment tests in order for you to qualify.

Once you are hired or you have qualified, you can start accepting writing offers from clients. There is no limit on amount of work you can do and no forum assignment. As a worker of PaidForumPosting, you are free to choose the forum you want to write/comment for.

Once you have accepted an offer, you are required to visit the employer’s website and register for a new user account.

You can only be able to make your first posting once your account is approved and activated. Your posting must be composed of 25 words and above and it should be very informative in nature.

For articles writing, the client decides on the topic. You get paid based on the the total number of posts done and approved by an employer.

They also do accept jobs offer for twitter writing for those clients who do not have time to write their own tweets.

Every job offer has a sample of work that has already being done with a fixed price for a specific number of words and how many days it takes to finish the job.

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