Pinga Work Review – Combo Packages Moderation Program?

Pinga Work is a new program that claims to offer moderation expert services to companies, social networks, advertising companies, news media, forums and other business owners who might be looking for experts to moderate their contents. Affiliates who join Pinga Work also get a chance to earn a passive income by investing in any of their six combo packages.

Joining Pinga Work
Joining Pinga Work is free and open to members from all over the world. However, if you want to earn money, you must purchase any of their packages. Ping Work is offering 6 different kinds of combo packages;

  • Basic – Costing $100
  • Turbo – Costing $500
  • Business – Costing $1000
  • Professional – Costing $3000
  • Ultimate – Costing $5000
  • VIP – Costing $10000

Ping Work Line of Products
Ping Work line of products include moderation packages for corporate companies, costing as follows;

  • Standard – $100 per month
  • Premium – $1,000 per month
  • High Volume – $12,000 per month.

Bundled with the moderation packages are equivalent number of images and websites to be moderated, ranging in between 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 images/websites for Premium and High Volume, respectively.

Pinga Work Compensation Plan
Pinga Works compensation plan revolves around affiliate investing in combo packages. They are then paid a certain ROI, based on the total number of combo package they have purchased. The higher the cost of combo packages, the more money they earn. However, the daily capping earning is put at $1000.

Below is a screen shot showing the cost of each of the six packages and their ROIs;


Binary Earnings
You need to have atleast two active affiliates to qualify for binary earnings. The two affiliates are then placed under you, using 1:1 ratio. Each affiliate is either placed on your right or your left leg. When the left and right legs are balanced, you earn a 10% commission on all matched pairs.

Referral Commission
You earn a 5% referral commission on combo packages purchased by any of your personally recruited referrals, up to unlimited depth.

Pinga Work Payment Processors and Withdrawals
Pinga Work is accepting Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Payeer, Net Banking, Bitcoin, Visa Credit Cards and Master Cards. There is a 20% admin charges on all withdrawals.

Bottom Line
Even though Pinga Work claims to offer moderation services, there is no connection between the moderation packages and combo packages (the compensation plan). The corporate moderation packages program is very different and has nothing to do with the combo compensation plan, which is basically a Ponzi scheme.

Once you remove the moderation part of the program, you are left with nothing more rather than affiliates investing on combo packages, expecting to earn a certain ROI upon a specific time. This clearly shows the true nature of this program, which is basically an affiliate recruitment scheme, hiding under moderation packages.

Infact, their sales video clearly says it all, “Pingawork offers an amazing opportunity to grow a substantial income for yourself off six different investment packages”. So, if you are thinking of investing, just be aware you will be investing in another Ponzi scheme.