Points2shop Review – Is Points2shop Legit or Scam?

Points2shop Review

There have been many conflicting reviews about Points2shop. Some people believe the site is a scam while others take the site to be legit. In this review, I will take a look at the good and the bad side of Points2shop, then you will decide whether it is a scam or legit.

Points2shop is a website that pays its members in form of points for completing various offers. These offers are usually in form of banners or links coming from advertisers’ website. Once a member completes an offer, Points2shop gets paid by the advertiser and a portion of the money gotten is paid to the members who complete the offers.

When you register with Points2shop, you automatically becomes a member of Cashle. Cashle is a partner site of Points2Shop, where you earn cash instead of points.

How to Earn Points and Cash with Points2shop and Cashle

1.  Completing Offers
Get paid for signing up for online services, participating in trial offers, sharing information about yourself and doing cashback shopping online. Points2shop offers include; registering and completing surveys, taking quizzes, downloading files, among others.

2. Games
You can earn up to 150 points per completed game. You just have to make sure you have practiced well before participating to avoid losing the points that you earn.

3. Weekly Lottery
Increase your chances of earning real money by participating in weekly lottery. Lucky members can win up to $100 per draw.

4. Monthly Contests
Claim a place in Points2shop monthly contest by referring more members or completing more offers. Monthly contests cash prizes pay up to $15.

5. Referrals
You earn $1 for each referral who sign up under your name and completes the registration process. You also earn 15% bonus on any offer your referral completes.

Other way to earn more points is through Honour Levels. In order for you to move from one level to the other, you are required to complete specific tasks. For example, to move to bronze level, you are required to purchase an item in order to verify your address where the item will be shipped.

The lowest level is Bronze and the highest is Legend. With each advancement, you will receive bonus points and merit points. Locked offers will also get unlocked for you to complete.

How to Redeem Points2shop Points
You can redeem your points for Amazon prizes. First, you will have to choose the item that you want to buy. Once you have found the item in Amazon, the next step is to search for the same item on Points2Shop to place your order. Points2Shop will then order the item on your behalf and pay the full cost in return for your points.

Note: You cannot convert your Points2shop points to cash. If you want to earn cash instead of points, you should switch to Cashle. However, you are not allowed to complete an offer twice (complete the same offer in Points2shop and Cashle).

Is Points2shop (Cashle) Legit or Scam
The site seems to be very legit and nothing that suggests the site might be a scam but for anyone who wishes to join the site, I would suggest to you to be very cautious and read their terms of use.

It seems that many people have gotten their accounts banned since they did not take time to read their terms of use. Points2Shop maintains strict policies against fraud, having multiple accounts, and similar offenses.

How to Avoid your Account Getting Banned by Points2shop

  • You should only register one account per household.
  • Have one account per IP (do not login from a different computer or IP)
  • Not registering with your real information or using fake names and address during registration.
  • Been unrespectful or giving out information intended to misrepresent Points2Shop and Cashle or their users.

Points2shop (Cashle) offers a great opportunity to earn points/cash but only if you are ready to strictly follow their rules. Any simple mistake like logging to your account using a different IP will get you account banned or you will have to go through a long process of personal identification (sending of personal document) before your account is reinstated. Points2shop is definitely not a place for individuals who have problem sticking to policies.