Radio Loyalty Review – Get Paid Listening to Radio

Radio Loyalty Review - Get Paid Listening to Radio

If listening to online radio stations is your thing, then you could earn some money through Radio Loyalty program.

Radio Loyalty is an online reward program where you can earn money for tuning to listen to your favorite radio stations, including Pop, Rock, Religious, Sports, Public Safety, News, among others.

They have stations of almost all genres of music participating in the program. All what you have to do is choose what type of music you want to listen and start earning money.

In addition, you can also earn points by taking surveys, watching videos and through their referral program. However, you do not earn cash but instead, you earn Radio Loyalty points, which you can redeem later on for rewards and prizes.

Joining Radio Loyalty

Joining Radio Loyalty is free and they accept international members. You just have to sign up for a free account and start listening to radio stations on your computer, mobile device or tablet.

You will then get paid for every 10 minutes that you listen to your favorite station. It really as easy as that.

How Does Radio Loyalty Generate Income?

Radio Loyalty income comes from advertisers. Whenever you are listening to music, visual ads will pop up on the screen. You can click or even ignore them but you will still earn some money, provided you have listened to the music for atleast 10 mins.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid?

As I have mentioned earlier on this post, there are different ways to earn money on this website.  You get paid $0.10 per 10 minutes of listening to music.

You can also earn by sharing on social media and using the thumbs up or down rating system. The other ways to earn is by completing offers, taking surveys and watching videos.

Radio Loyalty Prizes and Rewards Redeem Options

You can redeem your points through a Visa Prepaid Card or select any of the following items; Ipod, Ipad, Wireless Keyboard, Ihome, Kindle, Beats Headphones, among other products.

However, their gifts cards come in $25 and $50, which is a little bit disappointing for those who would like to get paid with a lower threshold.


If you enjoy listening to music, why not listen to one where you get paid. Radio Loyalty offer you a great opportunity to earn some extra cash while listening to some of your favorite music or doing what most of us enjoy doing.

One downside is lack of Paypal as a payment option, which is considered as one of the most convenient payment processor today. I hope Radio Loyalty will consider adding it in the near future for those members who would like to get paid in cash rather than by gift cards or prizes.

The other concern has to do with the duration it takes for the points to expires, which is 365 days. This means you will need to use your points before the 365 days are over.

However, this is not really a big deal, since if you are active, you can reach the $25 payment threshold within 2 or 3 months just by listening to your favorite radio stations.

14 thoughts on “Radio Loyalty Review – Get Paid Listening to Radio

  1. Sabeela says:

    Helpful advice! RadioEarn is a new website that will pay you cash to listen to internet radio stations in the background while you browse the web.

    Just pin the open tabs in your browser and listen to up to four stations at a time on a single IP address (Dance / Remixes, Mixed music / Top 100 / News, Easy Listening, and Rock / Pop). It’s completely passive.

    You’ll earn as much as $10 per month and you can cashout via PayPal. There’s also 3 referral levels.

  2. Nell says:

    I would have preferred them more if they had quick cashouts in terms of Paypal, Amazon, Walmart, etc gift cards. Besides the site makes your system hell lot slower . Guess I will stick with Fusion cash for the time being.

  3. Christine Parker says:

    USED ONLY IF YOU ENJOY AGGRAVTION & FAST, SLICK TALKING!! Radio Loyalty is expiring rewards points as you earn them!! They claim to expire oldest UNUSED points first but in reality they are treating points previously used on gift cards ordered as unused & subject to expiration. So when they expire points from 365 days ago, it takes the points that you just earned yesterday & expires them!!!! They’ve been informed of the problem almost 2 months ago. YET IT STILL PERSISTS!
    On 5/12/2015 I earned & ordered a $25 Visa gift card but have yet to receive it. They are not answering e-mails on this matter either!
    Is anyone else experiencing problems with Radio Loyalty?

    • Betsy says:

      Been doing this stupid thing ALL day long and only got 3 cents credit. The box disappears and sometimes I get to put 5 codes in a row in but I don’t get credit. Inbox dollars told me to contact Radioloyalty through the (Contact Us) link at the bottom of their page, there is no such link!

  4. Kristina says:

    I’m sorry but how did you figure out the math in this? You said you get 10c for every 10 minutes and yet somehow I only have 1,760 points even though I’ve been listening to it for several hrs everyday (for the last 2-3 days) and half those points I earned when I joined and filled out my profile.

    Actual math:
    $25 gift card = 294,000pts (let’s say we forget the ridiculous 83,400 s&h charge)
    That means
    So, 10c every 10 minutes = $0.60/hr = 7,056pts/hr of listening.

    Which, clearly, I do not have despite the fact that I’ve probably listened for 5+ hours so far.

    • Tito says:


      I think maybe they do not pay the same amount for all kinds of music. Most likely it depends on the kind of music you are listening. You can contact their support system for a clarification.

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