RCCv2 Review – Rocket Cash Cycler Re-branded?

Rocket Cash Cycler has re-branded itself to RCCv2 (Rocket Cash Cycler 2). If you were not part RCCv2 Reviewof the Rocket Cash Cycler 1 or you missed my previous review, Rocket Cash Cycler was a pyramid/affiliate recruitment scheme where affiliates bought positions at $315 to be able to participate and earn money in two phases of matrices. The scheme only lasted for a few months and disappeared without trace, until now.

So, What is RCCv2? 

RCCv2 claims to be one of the world’s digital software membership development company, registered in Belize. The company is owned and run by Todd Hirsch, who is currently based in Philippines.

Joining RCCv2

 Joining RCCv2 is by paying a one time fee of $499. However, this is not the only fee that you are required to pay, there is also an additional $70 monthly fee, if you also want to be included in their residual board income plan.

RCCv2 Line of Products

 RCCv2 is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join and purchase positions that allow them to earn money in company’s compensation plan/boards. They also receive some marketing tools and software, similar to the one for Rocket Cash Cycler

1.RCCv2 Compensation Plan

RCCv2 compensation plan revolves around affiliate investing in $499 positions and then recruiting others to do the the same. They are then paid commission using a hybrid compensation plan on both Boards. However, for an affiliate to qualify to earn commission from the two boards, he/she must recruit atleast 2 referrals. Affiliates are only allowed to purchase 1 position.

1.  Board Side

Board Side is composed of two different boards – Apprentice Board and CEO Board. Each of the two boards is composed of a different matrix system.

(a) Apprentice Board Apprentice Board cost $499 and is a 2×3 matrix system, composed of 8 positions. Once all these 8 positions are filled up, the affiliate at the top of structure cycles out and get paid $600. They also get an entry to the CEO board.

(b)  CEO BoardThe CEO board uses a 2×2 matrix system and works in a similar way as the Apprentice Board. Once the 6 positions are filled up, the affiliate at the top of the structure cycles out and get paid $7000. Once an affiliate is through the two boards, can either decide to withdrawal the $7000 and get another re-entry to the CEO Board or pay $3000 to be entered into another 2×1 matrix, which pays $6000 once it cycles out.

2. Residual Board Commission 

Residual Board cost $70 per month. Affiliates are then paid commission based on the total number of affiliates they recruit. Affiliates earn $50 on their odd numbered referrals, $25 on their even numbered referrals, while $25 is paid to their sponsor (the person who recruited them).


 It seems that Todd Hirsch is not giving up and he is back again with yet another enticing “business opportunity” that promises commission purely based on recruitment – “BUY 1 POSITION, BUILD WIDE AND HELP YOUR DOWNLINE DUPLICATE”.

However, unlike the previous RCC1, which cost $315 (one time fee) and had only two matrix levels, this time he has even gone further to make sure all your cash is drained out.  In additional to the one time of $499, there is also an additional $70 monthly fee.

With nothing to sell to retail customers and affiliates recruiting each other and investing in matrix positions, you can be assured the only people who will benefit from this scheme is Todd himself, a few top MLM recruiters and the rest – I am sure you know what will happen.