ShortTask Review – Get Paid for Completing Microjobs

Shorttask Scam or Legit? is an online program/service where you can get paid for completing various short tasks. As stated on the website, ShortTask was founded based on the idea that, there are many jobs that still need people to be completed and cannot be replaced by modern technology.

Basically, it is a community composed of both seekers (people looking for workers to complete various tasks) and solvers (workers looking for tasks to complete).

When signing up on the website for the first time, you can register either as a seeker or as a solver. If you register as a solver, you immediately get access to the available tasks and you can start working on them.

You will then get paid if you are able to complete the task on time but only if the seeker approves it. However, both seekers and solvers work in collaboration to make sure any task is completed satisfactorily.

As a Solver;

You register on the website, find a task of your choice that you would like to complete, do the task and submit the required proof. If the seeker approves it, you get paid.

You can complete as many tasks as you can at any time, whenever you are available. Tasks to be done include; arranging information, bookmarking websites, research, posting a link to a website, filling out a form or even making a phone call, among others.

The more challenging is the task, the more money you will earn. ShortTask seems to have a lot of tasks to be done. By the time of writing this review, they had over 3660 tasks waiting to be done. You can easily see how many tasks are available on the website homepage on the left hand side.

As a Seeker;

You register, deposit some money to your account, create and define the tasks you want to be completed. Wait for the solvers to complete and submit the task for your approval.  Most of the tasks only take a few minutes to be completed and you only pay if you are satisfied with the work done.

Conclusion seems like a good website to earn some extra cash, especially if you do enjoy completing simple tasks like bookmarking a website or liking a page.

However, there are mixed views about this website with some people claiming is scam while others claiming to have been paid. So, I would recommend you do a thorough background check before joining or completing any task on this website.

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