How to Transfer Money From Payza to EgoPay

First, before you decide to transfer your money from Payza to EgoPay, it is important you keep in mind that, EgoPay does not offer withdrawal services. This means that, if you want to withdrawal your money from EgoPay, you will have to send it back to Payza.

Transfering money from Payza to EgoPay is very simple. You directly do it while you are logged in to your EgoPay account. If you do not have an EgoPay account, you can sign up or login if you already have one.

Step by Step Guide on How to Transfer your Money from Payza to EgoPay

  • Login to your EgoPay account.
  • Click on Deposit tab
  • Electronic Fund Transfer – Payza is already included in the list.
  • Click on Payza link (you will see the charges and duration next to your Payza link)
  • Fill in the payment details, choose the currency and the total amount you want to deposit from your Payza account.
  • Click next (you will see the total amount of money you are sending plus the charges).
  • Click on confirm.

A message will appear which shows that you are been redirected to Payza. Click on Buy Now. Once you click on Buy Now, you are taken to Payza page.

  • Fill in your Payza account details.
  • Click Pay Now.
  • Review your purchase details.
  • Click on Confirm and Proceed.

Another message will appears that confirm that your payment has been sent. Just wait for a few seconds and then you will be redirected to EgoPay page. Once you are on EgoPay website, you can be able to see your transcation deposit history, the charges and the net amount in your EgoPay account that is left.

How Long Does it Take For Egopay to Complete the Transer From Payza?

From what I have observed, it is taking around one month for Egopay to complete the transfer of your money from Payza. So, that means if you have deposited your money on 8/1/2012, you will receive it at the end of August. I guess maybe the delay has to do with Payza since they have to do some sort of verification.

How to Withdrawal Money From EgoPay to Payza

  • Login to your EgoPay account
  • Click the withdrawal tab
  • Click on Payza link (you find the fee and the duration your transcation is expected to take next to the Payza link).
  • Fill in Payment details – Payza receiver email, amount you are sending and the currency.
  • Then click on submit.

You will receive a confirmation message. You can also send money to another EgoPay account holder member.

Please Note that, you can only deposit money from your Payza account when you are already logged in to your EgoPay account but not directly from your Payza account. If you want to learn more about EgoPay rates and charges, check out my previous post on EgoPay review.