Univox Community Review – Legit or Scam?

Univox Community is a market research website which is owned and operated by Market Cube, a market research company based in Virginia. Univox Community is open to members from over 150 countries, coming from different parts of the world (6 continents) who earn money on the site by “voicing out their opinions about the products, services and issues that affect their daily lives”.

Joining Univox Community
Joining Univox community is free and no monthly membership fee is required. You simply fill up a registration form and complete your profile survey. Once you are through completing your profile, you are rewarded with 500 points, which is equivalent to $5. You also get access to the members area where you can find a list of surveys to be completed, based on your demographic data.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid Per Survey?
How much money you earn per survey depends on the survey length and your demographic profile. Univox Community states most of their surveys are short and usually take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to complete. Occasionally, there may be a longer survey, which could take 20 minutes or more to complete. Longer surveys typically earn you more rewards points than shorter ones.

However, you will always be informed about how much money you will get paid per survey and the length of the survey before completing it.

How Do You Get Paid?
Univox Community does not pay their members by cash. Instead, members get rewarded with Amazon gift codes. Every survey that you complete earns you some rewards points, which is eligible for a $25 Amazon gift code once you reach 2500 points. Every 100 points is equivalent to $1.

Univox Community is a legitimate company also does not allow other research companies to directly contact you outside the website. So, you do not have to worry about your personal information getting shared with other companies.

However, Univox Community does not seem to have many surveys to be completed. This means you will most likely be getting a single invitation after a long interval or in a month. So, if you are looking for a faster way to make money by taking surveys, it’s better if you would join other big market research companies like Global Test Market where you can receive surveys more frequently.

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