Worldwide Solutionz Review – $25 Life Jackets Ponzi Scheme?

Worldwide Solutionz Review

Worldwide Solutionz is a new program based in South Africa that describes itself as “an umbrella company combining the best and most innovative elements of on-line and off-line business to allow anyone with the initiative and desire to seek financial freedom to fulfill their dreams, through a range of cutting edge, unique business initiatives”.

The main program run by Worldwide Solutionz is Life Jacket program, which is claimed to an “Angel Support Micro-loan concept, where the funds you provide enable them to assist someone, somewhere in

Worldwide Solutionz Review the world, to get their lives on track, while at the same time you start generating an extra income stream for yourself, courtesy of the built-in income opportunity”.

Joining Worldwide Solutionz
Joining Worldwide Solutionz is by paying a one time membership fee of $25, used to purchase a matrix position. In addition, to earn money from their Life Jacket Program, you must also purchase a life jacket position costing $25, each. You can buy as many as 25,000 jackets.

Worldwide Solutionz Product Line
Worldwide Solutionz is not offering any retailable products or services. Affiliates join and purchase matrix positions as well as life jackets positions that allow them to earn a daily commission. Each matrix position is also equivalent to undisclosed number of “virtual products” that Worldwide Solutionz claim you can send as gifts to your friends or relatives.

Worldwide Solutionz Compensation Plan
Worldwide Solutionz revolves around affiliates purchasing both matrix positions and life jackets positions. They are then paid a daily commission as well as they are entered into 5×8 matrix system.

1. Worldwide Solutionz Matrix Compensation Plan
Worldwide Solutionz is using a 5×8 matrix system with each position costing $25. A 5×8 matrix is where an affiliate get placed on top of the structure with five positions directly under, forming level 1. The five positions then branches off once again to form 25 positions, level 2 and continues like this until the 8th level deep.

Affiliates are then paid a commission based on the total number of recruitment and their level in the matrix system, up to 6th level deep, paid as follows;

  • Level 1 – $2.50 per affiliate
  • Levels 2 to 3 – $1.50 per affiliate
  • Levels 4 to 6 – $0.50 per affiliate

Other Benefits Includes;
5 Life Jacket positions and $5,000 medical benefit bonus for affiliates who reach level 6 of the matrix.

Vehicle benefit worth $15,000 and a housing benefit worth $30,000 for affiliates who reach level 7 of the matrix.

Holiday Benefit worth $10,000 for affiliates who reach level 8 of the matrix.

2. Worldwide Solutionz Life Jacket Compensation Plan
Each Life Jacket cost $25. You then earn a 5% daily commission for 12 weeks. A total of $40 upon expiry, which is 90 days. The maximum amount of money you can invest is up to $25,000.

Worldwide Solutionz Referral Commission
Worldwide Solutionz referral commission are paid from level 2 up to level 7.  Affiliates earn $0.50 referral commission when any of their affiliates purchase a matrix position.

Worldwide Solutionz Payment Processors and Withdrawals

Worldwide Solutionz is accepting Solidtrust Pay, Ezybonds, I-Payout and OKPaydoes. The minimum amount of money you need in your account to withdrawal from matrix position is $20. From the Life Jacket positions is $40.

The maximum amount of money you are allowed to withdrawal per day is $1000 from Life Jacket Wallet. No limit on maximum withdrawal on matrix position. Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours from Monday to Fridays.

There is a $10 admin charges every 90 day, starting from day 270 of your membership and a 5% fee withdraw charges. A 30% of your earnings also goes to your repurchase balance. You are not allowed to withdrawal it.

With no retailable products or services, affiliates purchasing positions, expecting a certain ROI upon expiry or 90 days, Worldwide Solutionz is running a typical Ponzi scheme, hiding under a charity. Basically, this is how it works, you invest $25, wait for 90 days doing nothing and your account will turn to $40. What an easy way to earn money online without working.

However, as soon as there are no new affiliates signing up or purchasing new matrix positions, you can expect the Worldwide Solutionz to disappear any time.