10 Hobbies To Earn Money Doing


Making money from hobbies? This may seems like an impossible way to make money while indeed, you could make some cash by simply doing what you enjoy and at the same time having some fun.

As you know, there are many people who are very talented but surprisingly, most of them are not utilizing their talents or hobbies to the maximum.

If you are one of them, here is a few money making hobbies ideas that you can utilize to generate some real cash;

Make Money with Crafts

If you are one of those individuals who are talented in crafts, then you could turn your hobby to cash. You could sell your homemade creations to sites like Etsy.com or even on social networks like Facebook or to friends looking for original creations.

You could also start your own online store or a website. Other good marketplaces to sell your creations would be through eBay or Craiglist since your creations will get exposed to a wider audience.

Make Money as a Photographer

We all enjoy taking those beautiful photos at our homes or whenever we travel for a holiday in other countries. Photography is another good way to get some extra cash.

You could either work as a freelancer photographer or sell your photos online. Websites like Landscaping are always looking for unique photos to buy at a very reasonable price.

Other places to sell your photos include; istockphoto.com, dreamstime.com among others, where get paid when someone download your photos.

Dog Walking

If you love pets and you haven’t bought one for your own, dog walking can be another good hobby to earn you some little cash.

You get paid for playing and walking around with the pets or for taking care of other peoples’ pets (Pet Sitter). Dog walking payments rates usually ranges in between $10-$18 per walk, depending on the location and the number of pets you are walking.

You could also earn much higher if you take care of the pets overnight.

Custom Baking

If you are talented in baking and you enjoy doing it, you can decide to turn your hobby to money making. You could start by selling your baked goods to your friends or local residents before venturing into outside catering. Outside catering will require you to get a license and insurance.

In addition, you could also sell your baked goods to your colleagues in your workplace and for friends’ birthday parties.

Sports Coaching

You could earn some cash by coaching. Private and public schools do hire qualified coaches throughout the year to coach in different sports. If you are qualified, this would be a great opportunities for you to make some extra money.

In addition, private families also do hire trained individuals to coach their children in different sports like swimming or volleyball.

Playing Games

Most people enjoy playing video games but are you aware you could earn some money while you are enjoying your game?

There are many websites where you can get paid for playing games online such as Paidgamesplayer, CashDazzle, GSN (Worldwiner) among others.

Guitar Playing and Signing

Are you good in playing guitar or are you a good singer? Most bars and restaurants owners are always looking for people to entertain their guests in evening.

You could also get hired to entertain other guests during special occasions or teach guitar lessons in public schools or private homes.

Selling Your Arts

Are you a talented artist? You could turn your arts to cash. Selling your arts is one of the best way to make money since good arts can fetch alot of money. Websites like epilogue.net, deviantart.com are some of the good sites where you can sell your arts.

Searching on the Internet

If you spend one or two hours per day searching through the internet, you could do it and get paid. Sites like Treasure Trooper, Swag Bucks will pay you in form of points or cash for using their search engine while looking for information on the internet.

Web Designing

Web designing is another great way to earn some cash. You could sell your services to different customers. The best way is to start by designing your own site and then promote your services through your website. By doing this, you will also be having something to show to your customers.

These are some of my top 10 ways to earn money through hobbies, if you have a special talent or you enjoy doing something, why don’t you try it out today.

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