Top Twitter Trends Tools To Optimize Money Making Contents

Twitter Trend Tools

Twitter Trends tools are powerful tools that are used to show what people are searching for at that particular time or to analyze a specific tweet.

By using Twitter Trend tools, you can be able to find real time keywords trends and how many people are talking about a particular keyword at a time.

In addition, other Twitter Trends tools like Twitalyzer can help you to determine if you are influencing your followers in a positive or a negative way.

How to Make Money Online Using Twitter Trends

Making money online using Twitter Trend is indirect. It revolves around knowing and understanding what is trending at any particular time and then using the trending keywords to write articles targeting the right audience.

For example, if you are able to spot an idea or an interesting hot emerging topic early enough and capitalize on writing related articles, you are most probably going to land on the first page of search engines for that particular keyword. This may result in tremendous increase in your blog traffic, which will eventually increase your clicks or sales.

You are also likely to get quality backlinks from other websites. Once a topic becomes a “hot trend”, there are many people or websites owners who will be interested in knowing more about such topic and since you already have some information on your blog, most of them will be willing to link to your blog.

So, if you would like to start capitalizing on hot topics, the following is a list of Twitter Trend Tools that you can use to find out what is trending or to analyze a tweet;

1. Twitter Search

Twitter Search is one of the best and simplest tool to use to find out what is trending. You simply type a keyword or trending topic and a long list of tweets related to that keywords are displayed. You can also see the hot trends on their homepage.

2. Twitterbeep

Twitterbeep works in a similar way as Google Alert. It basically tracks what is hot or what trending at a particular time and the keywords being used.

You can know whether other people are tweeting about you, your products or your company through an email.


Hashtags. org is the standard place for hashtag information. The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet. You can find a list of hastags/keywords on their home page.

4. Tweetstats

You can find your tweets history in graphics that you have made over the last one month. The average retweet percentage and replies from your tweets.

5. Topsy

Topsy is a kind of search engine that you can use to search for phrases originating from Twitter. It displays all results related to the specific keyword based on their popularity.

6. Twitalyzer

Twitalyzer allow you to know how your tweets are influencing your followers. It help you in determining whether your tweets are having a positive/negative impact on your followers. You can find results about impact value, engagement value and influence value.

7. Twittercounter

You can use Twittercount to compare different Twitter accounts and track how the account have been performing over a specific period of time. You can see who among your competitors is losing or gaining more followers.

8. Tweetpsych

Tweetpsych enable you to do a deeper analysis of your tweets/followers. If you are interested in knowing psychological behaviour of your tweet/followers, this is a good tool to use.

You can use TweetPsych to find information such as who among your followers is more likely to tweet and much more.

These are my top trends tools that you use to find trending topics or keywords to use to optimize your contents.

In addition, these tools can be used in analyzing tweets and finding out what influence your tweets are having on the followers. This is very important since it help you to pinpoint topics of interest of your target audience.

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