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Inbox Pound - Get Paid for Completing Offers

InboxPounds is an online rewards club that is based in United Kingdom. The site is a replicate of InboxDollar, which is also a reward website that allow members to earn money by doing various task and reading paid emails.

InboxPound is free to join and no pre-registration requirements are needed. Once you register and confirm your registration, you account is credited with £1.00.

How to Earn Money with InboxPounds

You earn money from revenue generated through advertisements in forms of paid emails, online surveys, video watching, games, among others.

Advertisers partner with companies like InboxPound to get feedback about their services or products and then use the consumers feedback to improve on their products or services.

In return, consumers or members who participate in giving feedback are paid a certain amount of the revenue they generate.

Here are the different ways to earn money with InboxPound;

  • Reading paid emails
  • Doing simple tasks
  • Completing surveys
  • Searching web through their search engine
  • Playing games
  • Bingo
  • Watching Videos

InboxPound does not specify how much money you earn on completing each task. However, from my previous experience and what I have observed from other similar sites offering same services, the earning is usually a couple of cents or a few dollars/pounds per task, depending on what kind of offer you complete.

So, to earn some good money in these kinds of websites, you will need to complete alot of tasks and offers.

Basically, how much money you earn is determined by your level of participation. Members who frequently participate more often and are active on the site, may receive atleast 3 paid emails in a day, while those who do not actively participate on the site might not receive any paid email.

In addition, some of the paid emails offer you an opportunity to participate in trials or signup for special offers and products where you can earn some more money.

However, regardless of whether you participate in the offers or not, you still earn cash for confirming the paid email.


InboxPound is a reward website that offer you an opportunity to earn money through paid emails and by completing other online paid tasks and offers.

Even though it may take you a longer time to earn money on these kinds of websites, I still think it is worth joining since you will be doing what you usually do on daily basis.

The money you earn is not something to brag about but if you add it together, it could add up to something not so bad. You just have to dedicate some spare time to completing the offers.

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