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Sponsored Tweets Review

SponsoredTweets.com is a social marketing platform that recently became part of Sponsorship Marketplace (IZEA), which is a world leader in social media sponsorship, operating multiple marketplaces including Staree, SponsoredTweets and SocialSpark.

As stated on their website, IZEA connect advertisers with social media publishers, helping them monetize their social media presence. The company is alleged to have completed over two million social media sponsorships by the time of writing this review.

Twitter remains one of the most popular social network cum micro-blogging and when used in the right way, it can be a great tool to market yourself, your products and make some money.

SponsoredTweets.com uses Twitter and other social networks as their marketing platform by allowing their users to monetize their tweets using sponsored Tweets.

What is Sponsored Tweets?

Basically, sponsored tweets are made for the purpose of promoting another company or products. You post the tweets to your followers using your Twitter account and in return, you will get paid by the advertiser a certain amount of money as per agreement or per the set price.

Most of the companies will require you to disclose to your followers that you are being paid for posting the tweets.

How to Make Money with SponsoredTweets.com

First, you will need to sign up for a new account. Sponsored Tweet uses the Twitter authorization process to connnect your Sponsored Tweet account with your Twitter account.

After signing up, you will need to set your own price.  Select a category and choose a keyword that you would like to use while promoting the products. Write your own tweet based on the guidelines and examples provided by the Advertiser.

Wait for the advertisers to select your tweet. You can always reject the offer if you are not satisfied with it. If you are fine with the offer, you can start tweeting the products/services to your followers.

Remember, every tweet that you send must be disclosured and must have a disclosure phrase before submitting it through their system. Sponsored Tweets systematically force all their participants to disclose within each tweet for legal and protection purposes.

How much money you earn depend on the kind of an advertiser who chooses to work with your and your set price. Sponsored Tweet will suggests a price for you but you can always change it, if you are not comfortable.

You just have to make sure you are not pricing your tweets so high to remain competitive. You are paid once your account reaches $50.

They also have a great referral program where you earn 10% of the SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that your referral makes for a period of two years.


SponsoredTweets.com offer you a great way to earn via Twitter, especially if you have a huge number of responsive followers. If you are just getting started on Twitter or you only have a few followers, SponsoredTweets.com might not work for you since in the first place, it will be very hard for any advertiser to select your account.

So, you will need to work hard and get a good number of followers before you can start thinking of making money with Sponsoredtweets.com.

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