10 Lucrative Businesses to Start in 2015

10 Business Ideas in 2015

If you are one of the many people who have been dreaming of starting their own businesses, it is time to stand out and be counted. Everyone dreams of becoming his or her own boss by rolling out on a profitable venture that will escalate to become a greater enterprise.

However, having an entrepreneurial mind and zeal is rarely enough; entrepreneurs need to invest in sound ideas that will help them achieve their dreams.

Here is a list of great ideas that I believe when coupled with your intense entrepreneurial spirit can aid you in becoming your own boss.

1.  Landscaping Business

There is a vast development of residential settlements that need lawns, organized prune shrubs, and flower beds. There is also existing residential or business areas that need weeding, mulching, trimming and other chores that landscaping entails.

You can decide to start it small in your neighboring community by catering for the above services and with time, you can employ other people to help you roll out your services on a massive scale to other areas.

2.  Event Planning

Are you passionate about organizing parties or meetings? You can decide to make your passion a profitable business by starting an event planning business for either individuals or corporate bodies. This business needs you to be insightful, resourceful and patient. You need to understand what your customers need and deliver it per the agreement.

3.  Making Home Foods

Are you an excellent cook or do you take pleasure in baking? You can launch a home bakery or start catering services. You can network for connections with individuals, events or business organization where you can deliver your carefully prepared foods. It usually pays off to do what you love because your passion always drives you.

4. Yoga Trainer

People have started embracing the need for exercises and yoga exercises are preferred by many since they are less tedious. Do you possess the correct yoga skills that you think can be useful to others? Start a yoga training camp and help others attain body fitness.

5.  Babysitting  Services

This field is highly unexploited. Many people are caught up in their day to day routine businesses and are looking for people to take care of their children. You can venture into this business by setting up a daycare where parents can bring their children in the morning and take them in the evening.

6.  Smartphone Repairs

The cost of repairing a smartphone is exceedingly high in this era of the smart world. If you have skills in repairing Smartphone’s and you do it at an affordable price, then the world is waiting for you to bring forth you knowledge. Set up a repair shop and you will be overwhelmed by the number of clients’ turnout.

7. Providing Business Services

If you have skills in marketing, human resources, procurement or other business related services, you can set an independent firm that will offer these services to companies that outsource for these services during harsh economic times such as during economic recession.

8. Tour Guide and Travel Services

Though it requires people to build confidence in you, the business can be worthy, if you give it a shot. All you need is to be conversant with the various tourist attraction sites, organize transport for tourist to these places and also arrange for their accommodation.

9.  Software Trainer

Your vast knowledge of computer software can be your business. You only need to set up a place where you will pass your knowledge to amateurs and other professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in this realm.

10. Cleaning Services

Most people find it hard to clean their carpets and household items such as furniture. You can take advantage and set up a cleaning company that offers cleaning services. You can diversify your services in the due time and start other cleaning services such as cleaning windows.

Here you have some of our business ideas in 2015. Take a look at them and decide the one that best suits your interest.

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