Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light Review – Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet

Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light Review - Yanksmart 8'' Shower Head Faucet

Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights is a shower cum lighting equipment. It is designed to incorporate the features, benefits and functions of an ordinary shower and a bathroom lighting system, thereby eliminating the inconveniences faced by ordinary bathrooms.

It requires three holes for it to be effectively installed i.e. two shower faucet holes and one showerhead arm hole. The package generally includes: a Wall-mounted shower faucet, a Wall-mounted shower arm, an 8 inch adjustable LED shower-head, a 43 inch shower bar, an adjustable hand shower holder, and an LED hand shower with 60 inch water hose.

These revolutionary features are intended to enhance the overall bathing experience hence making it one of the top rated Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light in 2015.

Features and Specifications

The main features and specifications of Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights are:

  • Color: Silver
  • Style: Contemporary Art
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Drip-free slide bar system
  • Power Source: Water pressure
  • Installation Method: Wall-mounted
  • Flow Rate: 8 Milliliters per minute
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Special Features: rainfall and easy to install
  • Height: 8 inches overhead shower (200mm)
  • Spray: 9 inches plastic hand-held shower spray
  • Shower Arm: 16 inches long shower arm
  • Temperature Sensitivity: Largely varies with the bulb colors. As a whole, the Blue LED operates within 0-30 degrees Celsius/0-86 degrees Fahrenheit; the Green LED within 30-40 degrees Celsius/87-104 degrees Fahrenheit; the Red LED within 41-50 degrees Celsius/105-122 degrees Fahrenheit; and the Flashing Red LED within 50-100 degrees Celsius/123-212 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.
  • Accessories: Hot and cold water hoses
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 24 months warranty


The major pros of Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights are:

  • Certification: The equipment meets the US plumbing connection (1/2 inch Diameter) standards. The users are thus guaranteed of very high quality performance.
  • Maintenance: It is quite easy to clean and maintain because the showerhead can not only be adjusted, but also be removed for cleaning purposes.
  • Installation: It is very easy to install; it only requires the procedures of the normal faucet.
  • Versatility: It confers its users a very wide range of benefits such as lighting, bathing, and showering. Moreover, it is adapted to all kinds of potential users ranging from children, to elderly and pets.
  • Aesthetics: The equipment is designed to appeal to the eyes. It thus adds to the general appearance of the home bathroom and internal decor of the house.
  • Power Consumption: It consumes less electrical energy owing to the fact that it uses the energy saving LED lighting bulbs and also due to the fact that its lighting system is largely powered by water pressure rather than electrical energy. This saves on energy bills for the clients.
  • Cost: It is fairly cheap and affordable.


The main drawbacks of Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights are:

  • Inconvenience: The showerhead and the hand showers cannot be used simultaneously. It is therefore not as convenient as necessary.


Yanksmart 8” Shower Head Faucet with LED Lights is indeed a very revolutionary household that serve the purpose of an ordinary shower, lighting as well as adding aesthetic to a bathroom. It is thus a “must have” for any serious home owner not only because it is one of the top Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light, but also because it confers to its users the benefits of added convenience, low power consumption, aesthetics and versatility in one simple and convenient package.

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