BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike review

BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike Features

Any owner of the BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike will tell you that you have a winner on your hands if you choose this bike. It has completely revolutionized the concept of a folding bike with its simple yet Smart Folding Technology.

This advanced and intuitive technology has broken through the barriers of weight and cumbersome details to enable riders carry their bikes anywhere they want, anytime they want.

This BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike can be folded and unfolded in any direction or sequence, with an easy and quick press of the button. This is done through the innovative button-release feature that is simple and can be operated by anyone.

Instead of being a headache, folding the bike is now a simple job, quick and fun without the need to remember how and which order to fold, unlike in the past.

Once you have it and used it, it will stay with you so no need to carry the assembling instruction like you did before.

While the concept of folding bikes is not new, the advanced features of the bike definitely are. The ergonomic design makeBigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike Reviews way for more user comfort and lesser risks not to mention optimum ease of use at every turn. It gives the user freedom to do so much more with their riding time without worrying about package details.

In addiion, a common refrain that you will find in this BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike is the high standards of comfort and flexibility it provides. The bike seat and its handlebars can be easily adjusted to fit different rider sizes and needs.

Switching from its storable to rideable set-up is easy with this collapsible bicycle and its quick release button, saving users time and effort. The compact, smart and slim design belies this fact and it is only when you start using it that you will get the true feel for its strength and advanced functionalities.

Here is a summary of the typical features of BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike;

  • Innovative Technology
  • Slim Design
  • Advanced User Features
  • Intuitive and Ergonomic Folding Capability
  • Weeling mobility
  • Full-Size Bike GeometryBigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike review

Asymmetric Handlebar Technology
The bike is built on a hardy steel frame with aluminum spokes and weighs about 220 lbs. When folded, it has a dimension of 41.73 x 25.98 x 11.02. Keep these figures in mind when you want to fit it in your car, RV or boat.

When kept unfolded these are the figures to keep in mind.

  • Total length: 57
  • Height from ground to seat/lowest: 29.5
  • Height from ground to handlebars: 43
  • Height from ground to seat/highest: 41.5
  • Width (handlebar end-to-end): 23
  • Weight: 29.76

A vinyl seat cover offers a cool aesthetic component for both young and old riders. The bike is available in black and white as well as in orange. They match the classic sensibilities as well as offers the modern generation with clean and sophisticated lines of design.  This is one of the most popular models for die-hard bike enthusiasts.

Here you have our brief review of the BigFish Line 3 Speed Nexus CN4 Folding Bike. Check out these reviews to find to see what other fellow riders have to say about this product.

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