10 Ways on How to Get More Money

Ways to Make Money Online

If you are looking for ways to supplement your current income or to earn some more cash without having to spend anything. This post will guide you on the top 10 best ways to earn free money online.

Just remember, the employer should be the one to pay you and not vice versa. If there is any processing fee that need to be paid, you should only pay it once you have gotten the job or talk with your employer to deduct it from your initial payment.

Here is my top best 10 ways to get money online.

10. Surfing the Internet
This is my 10th way to earn some cash. We all enjoy spending alot of time surfing the internet but you could utilize your time to make a few dollars. Surfing the internet is a fun way to earn, since you get paid for doing what you do on daily basis. Some sites that will pay you for surfing the net are: Mybrowsercash and Ayuwage.

9. Paid Surveys
Completing paid surveys is another good way to make some extra cash and registering on survey websites is usually free. Most of the sites do have surveys suitable for members from all over the world, of all ages. When you register as a new member, you will only receive a few surveys but as times goes by, you start getting more surveys regularly. Make sure you register with many companies to increase your chances of getting more invitations. You can read my previous article about legitimate survey websites.

8. Uploading Files
Get paid for simply searching for unique files and uploading them for downloads. You will earn some money everytime someone visiting through your affiliate link download a file from that site. You can also create your own files and upload them. Websites that pay you for uploads; Letibit

7. Completing Small OnlineTasks
My 7th and one of my favorite ways to make a few dollars is by completing small tasks. These type of tasks are usually as simple as liking another website or signing up for a new program.

Depending on your success rate and how many tasks you are able to complete in a certain time, you can easily earn a few dollars within a few minutes. Some of the websites that will pay you for completing small tasks are; Microworker – (very good), TreasureTropper (very good), Incentria (only have a few offers) and Paidmicrojobs (most of the time, no available offers).

6. Freelancer
Working as a freelancer is an excellent ways to supplement your current income or you can even decide to do it as full time job. This is because, there are so many websites looking for writers and most of them pay pretty well. If you are passionate about writing, freelancing is definitely a good way to earn.

Depending on your qualification and your writing skills, one well written article would fetch as much as $25, plus other bonuses. Other sites will pay you depending on the number of views your articles generates. Some Freelancer sites where you can submit your articles are; Scripted, Revenue Sharing Sites and list of a few Best Paid Article Websites.

5. Selling Old Stuffs
If you have old stuffs that you know they can sell fast, you could decide to pay for a listing fee and sell them on eBay but one disadvantage of using eBay is that, the montlly fee is fixed and you will have to pay it whether you sell your stuffs or not. If you are looking for free listing, sites like ebid and Atoncer would be a good place to sell your stuffs. You will only pay a small fee if someone purchase your stuffs.

Amazon is also another free listing site where you can sell your old stuffs. They will only take a small percentage once your sell your stuffs.

4. Sharing Videos and Photos
Sharing videos and photos that you own is a good way to earn some money. Most websites will offer you an opportunity to either sell your photos to them or display your photos on their website and get paid everytime someone download them.

You can choose to maintain all rights for your photos if you do not want to sell them. Here is a list of a few websites where you can upload your photos and share videos to get paid.

3. Signing up for Product Trials
Most websites that pay for survey completion also do have companies looking for people to test their products. New products are invented each other day and companies look for individuals to test them. Once you register, you will receive free samples for testing.

Once you are done testing, you are supposed to complete a survey in form of a questionnaire by giving your honest opinion about the product. You will get paid soon after your send back your feedback. You can visit yellowsurveys.com, a survey directory. Always make you are signing up for free products trials offers.

2. Product and Service Reviews
Reviewing products and services is a very cool way to earn money online since you write reveiws of products that you have personally used. Everyday, there are thousands of companies looking for individuals to review their product and most of them are willing to pay well for a well written review.

Infact, writing a product review is one of the easiest and best way to earn since you write the review based on a personal experience. You just have to make sure you remain truthful without leaving out any important information, whether it is negative or positive. Websites that pay for reviews includes; Reviewstream. You can also check my list of Paid Product Review Websites.

1. Blogging
My first and final way to get more money is by blogging. You can decide to either do guest blogging or start your own website/blog.

Guest blogging and paid blogging is a good way to earn and especially for those individuals who do not want hassles of having to update their own blog every now and then but if you choose this option, your earning potentials may be limited, since you are solely relying on someone else.

With your own blog, you are in control of everything and you can choose which way you want to monetize it. There are many ways to monetize your blog and your choice will depend on what you find more convenient and who you are targeting or simply you will have to experiment with many options and choose the one that works best for you.