Direct Pay Biz Review – The 5×4 Matrix System

Direct Pay Biz is a new leverage program that claims to provide members with digital products as well as an opportunity to earn money through their forced 5×4 matrix system. Members join the company and purchase product memberships on different levels of their compensation plan.

How Direct Pay Biz Works
You join the company and pay a membership fee of $9. This fee allow you to get access to a list of digital products on level 1. If you want to get access to digital products on level 2, you will have to pay another fee, which you pay directly to your sponsor. There are 8 levels of products memberships with each one costing as follows:
Level # 1- $9
Level # 2- $15
Level # 3- $30
Level # 4- $60
Level # 5- $100
Level# 6- $200
Level # 7- $400
Level # 8- $800

Direct Pay Biz Compensation Plan
Direct Pay Biz compensation plan revolves around selling of the membership to other affiliates. When you join the company for the first, you are required to recruit at least 5 new affiliates to be able to earn from all 8 levels. So, your first level will have 5 members under you, your second level will have 25 members, your third level will have 125 members and so on, until the 8th level.

How Do You Get Paid?
Once you refer your 1st referral, you receive instant commission from this referral as well as every new member that follows. All referrals that you personally enroll will also have their personal enrollments send you payments, depending on your level. So, your direct referral will then pay for your membership in level 1 and level 5.

Your 2nd tier referrals pay for your membership level 2 and level 6. Your 3rd tier referrals pays for you membership level 3 and level 7 and your 4th level referrals pay for your membership level 4 and membership level 8. However, if you have referrals in all levels, you can only receive payment up to current level of your membership.

For example, If you have only purchased level 1 membership and you refer someone who purchases level 2 membership, you will have to pass over the level 2 membership fee to someone else who have purchased that level of membership.

Here is a screen shot of what Direct Pay Biz claims would be your potential earning up to the 8th level deep.



Direct Pay Biz claims Payment Processors
Direct Pay Biz is accepting most popular payment processors – Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay, Perfect Money and Egopay account. Commissions are paid directly to the payment processor that you used to pay the membership fee.

With no retailable products and supposedly their digital products not visible to the public, Direct Pay Biz operates an affiliate funded recruitment scheme. Affiliates join the company and purchase membership positions, bundled with the different levels of membership is a list of “invisible” digital products. The importance of recruitment is also clearly emphasized throughout their compensation plan, requiring each affiliates to recruit atleast 5 new members. So, if you are not going to recruit, I would advise you to stay away from Direct Pay Biz .