Free Surveys Legitimate Website to Earn Money Online

Taking online surveys can be a rewarding experience and it is also a great opportunity for anyone to earn some extra cash. Marketing research companies are always looking for ways to improve their business and they turn to people like you and me for more information.

Registering with any online survey company should be free. Once you have registered, you should make sure you fill up your personal information, correctly. Most survey companies usually look out for specific type of individuals.

Filling the questionnaires with honest information is important since you are more likely to receive surveys that are appropriate for you and it will be easy for you to complete them. However, even if you will receive many invitations, you will not qualify for all those surveys that are sent to you.

To increase your chances of getting more qualifying surveys, you should register with other survey companies and accept their invitations, promptly to avoid getting the surveys getting filled up by other members. Most survey companies payment ranges in between $1-$10 per survey. Others companies may pay up to $25, depending on the length and the type of survey you are taking.

In recent years, cases of survey scams have increased in number. However, there are a few legitimate websites that are still paying their members, which I will be focusing on this post;

Legitimate Free Surveys Websites – Avoid Survey Scam
MySurvey is a well known survey company, recognized well all over the world. You earn points by taking surveys, referring new members and participating in other activities. You can redeem your points via Paypal, e-certificates or as a gift card. For every 1000 points, you earn $10.00.

2. (National Consumer Panel)
Voted as the 50 Most Engaged workplaces in 2011 and 2012. National Consumer Panel offers the following products and services; panel management, recruitment, data collection and surveys. Members earn redeemable points in return for their participation.

You can participate in surveys, vote on special polls, invite friends and give your own opinions. For the first time when you sign up with Toluna, you will receive 500 points as a welcome bonus. You can redeem your point once you have earned at least 30,000 for cash, prizes or gifts vouchers or Facebook Credits.


i-Say is one of the largest survey company globally, composed of dedicated individuals around the world. They conduct thousands of surveys every year for companies and businesses found in different parts of the world. As a member of i-Say, you earn points by taking surveys and participating in polls.

Your rewards points can be redeemed for money (check), donations and prepaid American Express cards or as a gift cash.

This is a global survey company operating in more than 60 countries. Every time you complete a survey, you earn market points that ranges in between 35-100 or more per survey. Incase you do not qualify for a certain survey, you are rewarded 5 market points for free. You can redeem your market points for cash once it reaches 1,000 through Paypal (1000 points is equivalent to $50).

These are some of the few legitimate websites that pay for completing online surveys. Though there are still more websites that claim to offer the same services, you should be more careful especially when dealing with companies that claim to pay very high for a single survey or when participating in surveys offers that involves products trials and use of credit cards to pay for products trials. Most of those websites/companies are scams.