12 Modern Apps To Use To Make Money Online

How to Make Money with App

Influence of Android in our daily lives: A large part of our daily activities and daily lives is now influenced by the Android platform with most modern smartphones and devices running on this operating system.

The vast community of users and its extensive value in terms of applications are among the biggest draws towards Android for individuals.

Every Android application has a purpose of its own. Many individuals have the opinion that, making money online through apps, they need to be professional app developers, thus opening themselves up to a market that is large and has endless possibilities. However, this not always true as you are about to discover in this article.

In this article, our focus will be on a different ways to make money online through the use of apps. Here, you do not have to develop your own app but use the ones that already exist for generating some extra cash.

Be it promoting products or sharing content, opportunities are endless when it comes to apps that can help you earn money. While paid apps are not preferred by most, free ones are adorable to everyone.

So let us now take a look at the 12 best free modern apps, the use of which will help you make money online.

Surveys On The Go: Whether it is jury trials appearing in the daily headlines, politicians running major campaigns, or the Fortune 500 companies, user opinions are sought by one and all.

With this app, users get paid for doing precisely that – giving their opinion. You can make anything between $0.25 to $5 for posting an opinion although the standard rate is usually $1.

• Gigwalk: Gigwalk serves as a connection for the businesses who wish to get their local contract work done. This includes such activities as mystery shopping, delivery services, mobile app testing, capturing images of store displays, and a whole lot more.

Users get paid an amount between $6 to $220, depending on the type of work and location. The only drawback is that the availability of this app is limited to smartphone users in USA and some areas of Canada.

• Ibotta: This is an app that makes shopping highly beneficial as users can earn cash by buying products from their regular brands. Ibotta pays hard cash for buying products from one of forty stores such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Walmart, and Target.

Anyone trying out this app can earn $10 and for a limited period of time, new Ibotta users can get $10 bonus upon redeeming any of the five offers within fourteen days of registering with the app.

• Checkpoints: With this Checkpoints app, users can earn points for simply scanning barcodes or watching videos. These points can be redeemed for excellent free rewards such as gift cards from Walmart and Amazon, miles on American Airlines, or cool gadgets such as popular gaming systems and tablets. They can also be used as donations to charities.

• AppTrailers: This app lets you stream high quality videos of the new, upcoming apps in the app store. This makes AppTrailers the only place on the internet where you can watch movie previews of apps and in return, you earn rewards. The collected points can be redeemed at the Amazon store or via PayPal cash.

• Iconzoomer: Users need to complete various assignments such as taking photos and uploading them to respective sites, or sharing their thoughts on various new products in the market. Every photo earns 25 Euro cents with the final payment coming through PayPal.

• JunoWallet: An excellent application, the JunoWallet app allows users to earn juno points and redeem them for gift cards in various places. Without any doubt, this is a highly profitable and interesting app.

• MintCoins: One of the most profitable apps for those looking to make some money in the Android market, MintCoins is also extremely easy to handle.

It pay users for performing various free tasks such as watching ads or downloading apps, among other things. The net earnings are then transferred to the PayPal account of the user.

• Tapporo: Users can earn money and make themselves eligible for rewards by downloading free apps and watching video clips on Tapporo.

The various benefits include gift cards on Amazon and Google Play, cash credit on PayPal, new accessories for mobile phones, and a whole new range of gadgets.

• GymPact: Users of the GymPact app are required to make a pact to workout for as long as a week. They get paid for every single day that they workout while attracting a penalty for the days they miss their fitness activity.

Surely, getting paid for getting fit is an incentive that is hard to beat! Payments per workout vary between $0.50 and $0.75 with the condition that every session must last a minimum 30 minutes.

• NPolls: The NPolls app gathers user opinion by asking them to participate in polls and surveys. Product brands, lifestyle, social trends, sports, and politics are among a vast range of topics that are covered.

Each survey can help users earn $0.20 and the final payment is made through PayPal once the minimum payout limit is reached.

• Mobile Rewards: Once users register on this app, they can start earning instant credits when they complete various offers and watch the available videos. These credits can be redeemed by the users for cash through their PayPal accounts.

While there are a whole lot of other apps in the market that can help you earn a significant sum online, these are by far the 12 best apps that can be used for the same.

All of them are free so you can make the most out of every penny you earn without having to spend any extra amount.

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