1Q.com Review – Make Money Answering Mobile App Questions

1Q-Review- Get Paid to Answer

1Q.com is an online website where you can earn money by answering simple questions online. According to 1Q.com, their members usually earn $0.5 per question answered.

These questions are asked by partner market research companies who are looking for opinions from users to help them improve on their products or services.

Joining 1Q.com

Joining 1Q.com is free and there is no membership fee needed. Your name also remains anonymous and is not given to other partner companies. 1Q.com claims their sole purpose for collecting your personal information is for routing you more questions and for ensuring you get paid immediately.

How 1Q.com Work?

Partner companies send offers, questions or coupons targeting a group of members from a certain geographical location. Selected members receive the offers, questions or coupons and respond via the IQ.com app or through text messages.

Members are then given a short period of time to answer the questions as soon as possible and those who miss the window period are not allowed to reply to the questions.

Partner companies get answers in real time as the members answer them. Selected members are then paid as agreed once their have completed answering the questions.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid Per Question?

According to 1Q.com,  research companies pay them $1 per question answered. You then get paid a 50% ($0.5 per question), which is paid instantly to your Paypal account.

There is no limit on the total amount of money you can make with IQ.com. However, you can increase your chances of earning more money by doing the following;

  • Downloading the 1Q.com mobile app to your phone.
  • Enabling location services 1Q on your phone.


IQ.com offers another great way to earn money online answering questions through your mobile phone and unlike other websites where they rely on other members to ask questions, IQ.com questions come from market research companies.

These market research companies look for people to give answers or opinions about their products or services in order to help them meet their goals of improving them.

The payout rate is also not very bad compared to what other similar websites are paying. In addition, there is no minimum threshold needed before you can request for a withdrawal and any amount of money you make is instantly paid to your Paypal account.

So, if you are looking for a way to earn some money online answering questions online, I would recommend you to give IQ.com a trial.

However, keep in mind that, if you choose to receive text messages rather than download the IQ.com, you will be responsible for cost of  standard text messages that you will be receiving through your mobile line provider.

To avoid such extra charges, it is advisable you download their mobile app and allow notifications.

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  1. Lisa hall says:

    1Q App is simply amazing, I’ve been paid many times.

    IQ is the REAL DEAL!

    Actually get paid to answer text messages. Payment are instant through PayPal.

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