Elusivestars Review – Get Paid Testing Apps

Get Paid Testing Mobile Apps

Do you have an app that you would like to be tested before you can release it to market or are you looking for ways to earn some extra dollars testing mobile app?

If you follow in any of the two mentioned categories, then you are in right place and continue reading on this article.

What is Elusivestars?

Elusivestars is a platform that connects both mobile app developers and beta testers. Basically, if you have developed a mobile app that you would like it to be tested by other users besides your close friends or relatives, you can list it on Elusivestars at a small fee.

How to Get Started on Elusivestars

First you will need to register on elusivestars.com as either a developer or a tester. As a developer;

  • You post your test project, including the App name, App file and App image.
  • Available Testers register their mobile devices. To test an Apps, Testers have to register at least one device. However, anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or an Android device can sign up as a beta tester.  The kind of a device a Tester has registered enables the developer to select the right Tester for the app.
  • The developer then select the Testers and which devices the app should be tested by. The develop can also select Testers from a certain geographical location.
  • Selected testers are then notified through their emails that they have a pending review. They then download and test the App, provide a review or a feedback.
  • The developers are then notified when the reviews are completed and when the total number of required feedback/reviews is attained. The feedback or review does not have to positive, it should be based on a personal experience while using the app.
  • Testers are then credited with the agreed amount on their accounts.

How Much Money Do You Earn?

How much money you earn depends on the test, developer and their specific requirements, if any. However, as a Tester, you have a multiplier that is set to a certain percentage.

Basically, a multiplier is the percentage of the money you will earn after completing the beta testing of an app. When you first register for the first time, the multiplier is set at 40%.

However, this is not fixed and you can go higher by referring other people to join the program. For example, if your multiplier is set at 40% and the test pays $20, you get $8.

How Do You Get Paid?

Payments are done through Paypal once you have accumulated at least $10. However, you can always request for a withdrawal, if you have problem reaching the required minimum withdrawal balance.


Elusivestars is a great and an affordable platform for developers who would like to have their apps tested before they can release them to the market. Likewise, it also offers an opportunity for Testers to earn money by beta testing developers’ apps.

However, it is recommended you make sure you have the latest antivirus installed on your device and other security measures are in place before you can download any app.

In addition, you should always do a thorough background check of any developer and the app you intend to download to your device.

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