Best Mystery Shopping Companies in 2015

List of Mystery Shopping Websites

Mystery shopping, also called secret shopping is a research strategy that is extensively used by companies and watch-dog organizations to gather information regarding the quality of services offered, compliance with the laid-down regulations and information pertaining to selected goods and services.

It is carried out by way of hiring secret shoppers who masquerade as real shoppers and who in turn gather the needed information. The world is awash with numerous secret shopping companies and below are the top best Mystery Shopping Companies to work for in 2015:

Best Mark

It hires and provides jobs to mystery shoppers in order to carry out surveys of a variety of the leading companies’ world over including Global 500 Companies and Fortune 500 Companies.

Its clientele includes restaurants, casinos, retail stores, resorts and hotels. It does screen each mystery job shoppers individually as well as conducting interviews for each applicant on a rolling basis.

Market Force

It is a consumer intelligence company that aids several multinational companies world over to attain high profitability, bolster efficiency, drive performance and increase sales.

Its clientele numbers around 350 companies has very high standards of performance and is by far the world’s largest mystery shopping company. It does hire statisticians with PhD academic qualifications.

Sinclair Customer Metrics

This mystery shopping company uses the latest technology, experience and innovative methodologies to design measurement programs to meet consumer-specific research needs. It hence delivers more data for fewer fees. It hires mystery shoppers with diverse academic backgrounds owing to the fact that its service portfolio is pretty large.


This mystery shopping company does hire mystery shoppers to work online from all over the world. It serves companies of all cadres ranging from advertising, to marketing research, to utilities and energy and indeed, more besides.

It endeavours to, not only conduct research but also help the end users to comprehend the meanings of the research findings.

Amusement Advantage

It has specialized in the support of amusement parks, entertainment spots and zoos. It is quite difficult to be hired by them though since the information required is much more than those required by other conventional mystery shopping companies.

These include the bio data, location details, marital details together with information regarding spouse and children.

Bare International

It is very easy to get hired by this mystery shopping company. They also do offer flexible schedules and generous reimbursements. All a potential mystery shopper needs to do in order to get started is to fill out an application via their corporate website.

SurfMerchants LLC

It is a Boston-based internet firm that was initially founded as a nuts and bolts online portal. It offers development partnership programs to other companies by collecting data, conducting research, and offering consultancy. It has around 300 customer features on its site. It seeks to recruit brilliant, humorous, gentle and innovative individuals to its fold.

Here you have our top best mystery shopping companies. If you are thinking of getting started on mystery shopping or maybe, you have only registered with one or two companies, I would highly recommend you to visit the other listed companies/website and compare the best among them.

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