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Blogit Review - Writers/Readers Marketiplace

Blogit is a marketplace that offers anyone an opportunity to either become a reader or a writer on their website. To get started, you need to register as either a writer or a reader. If you decide to be a reader, you are given an opportunity to browse and search for the kind of information you may be interested in reading. You are then allowed to click through different categories and blogs until you find one that suits your needs. You can also sort out the blog by the number of audience, date of the last entry or by name of the author.

How to Make Money Online with Blogit

In searching, you are supposed to know what you are looking for and type a word or search phrase into the home page search box and click on “Go”. A list of blogs with the information that you searched for is displayed. Once you decide the blog that is suitable for you, you create an account and subscribe to Blogit by paying a monthly fee of $9.95. After subscription, you get unlimited access to all the writings on that particular blogs. The $9.95 that you pays is divided among the writers of the blog that you read.

On the other hand, if you decide to be a writer, you create an account and subscribe to Blogit by paying a monthly fee of $9.95. You can start writing immediately after subscribing to Blogit. If someone reads some writings from you blog, you are paid some money.

This is pretty how you earn money with Blogit.  All payments are done through  Paypal.  So far the websites seems to be doing great and there are so many registered readers/writers, if you are good in writing or you could like to get access to some unique writings, Blogit can be a good place to get started or to give a trial. In addition, there are many people who are making some good money out of the site.

However, for beginners, it much better to start with sites where you get paid based on the number of views or a website that pays a fixed price per writing until when you are comfortable or have enough writing experience, unless whatever you are planning to offer is unique.

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