How to Improve Site Conversion Rate – Make Money Online

When it comes to online marketing, one important factor that matters most is the conversion rate. You do not want visitors coming to your site and leaving almost immediately because they cannot find what they want. Your visitors should be able to accomplish something else for what your blog is meant for.

If my goal for this blog is to have atleast 500 visitors in a day and sell atleast two products but instead I am only getting around 200 visitors and sell one product in a day. This means my blog is not converting well and I need to work towards improving my conversion rate.

Conversion rate is simply got by getting the total number of visitors that took some action on your site (depending on your goals), dividing it with the total number of all visitors who visited your site and then multiplying it with 100. For example; If I had 1000 visitors and 2 of them bought two of the products that I am selling in my blog. My conversion rate would be calculated as follows: 2/1000×100=0.2% (conversation rate).

There are a few tips that can help you in improving your site conversion rate, which I am going to discuss in this post,

  • Uniqueness
  • Right Product
  • Right Pricing
  • Right Promotion
  • Right Advertising Channel

There is nothing more important than having your own voice and letting your readers know about it. It does not matter whether you decide to blog about similar topics as other bloggers. Once you add your personality in your contents, you are assured of attracting more loyal followers.

Right Product or Right Contents
Blog conversion rate may be affected by the products you are selling or the topics you are writing about. One best way to beat this is to make sure you write interesting topics. Research about what kind of topics are more people interested in reading and write about them.

Incase you decide to sell products, do some research and make sure you have a ready market for whatever good you decide to sell. By doing this, you increase the chances that your product will find someone to buy.

The price of a product you choose to sell should be within the reach of your target audience. You do not want to sell products that are highly priced or hardly anyone among your target audience can afford. The point here is to understand your target audience well, including their spending habits.

Right Use of Promotion Tools
Sometimes we get discouraged when we just seem not to reach that target but you just cannot give up. You need to keep promoting your blog or your products. With consistent promotion, you may be able to generate the kind of traffic that your blog need with rewarding results.

Right Promotional Channel
There are so many social media tools that you can use to promote your blog but knowing the right social media tools to use for the right job will be of much significant. If your blog is about family or personal stories, social media networks like Facebook would be a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you are targeting professionals, Linkedin would be the best media tool to use.

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