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Dooyoo Review is a consumer review website based in UK where you can earn money by posting products reviews. For every premium review you submit on any of the products listed on their catalogue, you get paid a certain number of Dooyoo Miles.

How Dooyoo Generates Income

Registered members of Dooyoo submit reviews of various products listed on Dooyoo catalogue. So, when a consumer reads the user generated contents and decides to purchase a certain product through Dooyoo website, they get paid a certain percentage as commission from the retailer.

Basically, Dooyoo earns money through its partnership with online stores who participate in their price comparisons and have their product links on the Dooyoo website. You will then get paid a certain percentage of the commission earned by Dooyoo.

To get started, you first need to register on their website. Once you are through the registration process, you can now start submitting reviews.

Any review you submit must be made of atleast 150 words or more, depending on what you are reviewing. It should also be a review about any of the premium products listed in Doyoo catalogue. Different products attract different rates.

Once you have submitted reviews, other members are supposed to rate them so that consumers can be able to know which are the most useful reviews to read when they want an advice about a product.

How to Do You Get Paid?

Dooyoo reward their members by what they call “Dooyoo miles”. For every Premium Review you submit on the website and when other members read your reviews, you are awarded a certain number of ‘Dooyoo’ Miles.  These Dooyoo miles can be exchanged for cash or as vouchers.

How many Dooyoo miles you earn depends on the categories in which you have reviewed a product. Product categories on Dooyoo are divided into three levels;

  • Level 1 (Premium Review) –  600 Dooyoo Miles, plus 20 DooyooMiles for each member reading you receive.
  • Level 2 – More Common Categories –  300 Dooyoo Miles plus 15 Dooyoo Miles for each member reading.
  • Level 3 – Reviews for less popular products – 100 DooyooMiles, plus 10 DooyooMiles for each member read. 1000 Dooyoo miles is equivalent to £1 and 30 Dooyoo miles are worth 3p.

As stated on Dooyoo website, they do accept members from other parts of the world, provided they are fluent in English.

In addition, you must be able to redeem your gift voucher through Amazon UK since their vouchers are not redeemable in other Amazon such as etc.


Doyoo offers a great opportunity for anyone especially UK residents to earn money online by posting products and services reviews. You do not have to waste your time writing long reviews as you only need a summary of around 150 words of premium product listed on their catalogue to start earning money.

One downside is you get paid with Amazon UK vouchers, which is not redemeeble in any other Amazon website. So, to be able to redeem your gift vouchers, you will need to have an Amazon UK account.

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