Wizzley Review – Revenue Sharing Program

Wizzley Blogging Platform Review

If you are looking for a revenue sharing program, then you should consider joining Wizzley. Wizzley is a blogging platform, which is becoming very popular among writers.  The website is known for accepting qualified writers who are able to write excellent articles.

It is not a place for mere writers or writers with little or no writing skills. To remain one of their writers, you must be able to come up with high quality and well researched posts.

This is also not a site for those who want to get rich quick. You will have to dedicate your time researching and putting some efforts in whatever you are doing.

Once you become a Wizzley writer, the first 5 posts you submit must be reviewed by an editor. If there is something that needs to be corrected, you are notified.

After you have written 5 articles with no grammatical or phrases errors, you can now start submitting more articles without having to wait for them to be reviewed.

How is Wizzley Revenue Sharing Program?

The revenue share for Wizzley is shared in the ratio of 50/50. There is also incentives given to frequent writers or excellent writers.

After you have written 50 articles in total, the revenue share is increased with an extra 5 percent and once you reach 100 articles, another 5 percent is added, splitting the revenue in the ratio of 60/40.

You are required to have a Google Adsense account to be able to earn on the website. However, if you do not have one, you can still earn through Chitika ads, Amazon, Zazzles, Viglinks, among others.

One best way to make money from this kind of revenue sharing websites is by making sure you are providing quality contents. Long posts aren’t necessary to earn money, but they can do better, especially if it is a review kind of post.

People usually look for good reviews about products. If you are able to give them what they want, they will most probably click on affiliate links found within your posts and buy something. That is how you will make more money.


Wizzley is a great website to submit your articles and start earning money as a writer. However, this is not a site for everyone. To become one of their writers, you must be able to come up with high quality contents.

Other than this, Wizzley do have a great community, composed of fellow writers who are willing to help anytime or if you find yourself stuck along the way.

The other benefit is the ability to get some backlinks. Once you have submitted a maximum of 6 posts, you are allowed to create some dofollow links pointing back to your website.

Basically, this all you need to know about Wizzley, if you are an experienced writer or you know you can write high quality articles, why don’t you head over to Wizzley and submit your first post.

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