Dollarupload Review – Earn Money Uploading Files

Dollarupload Review

Dollarupload is an interesting pay per download website where you can earn money for uploading your files. It is free to register and currently accepting members from over 240 countries.

So, users from most parts of the world can register and start earning money by uploading their files.

How Dollarupload Works

Basically, you upload files that you intend to share with the world on their website for free. Dollarupload will then provide users with different kinds of surveys/offers to complete before they can get access to your contents or in order for them to download your file.

You will then get paid for any user who downloads your file or gains access to your content.

How Much Money Do You Earn Per Downloads

On average, Dollarupload pay rate ranges in between $0.30 – $1 per download. You could also earn up to $20, depending on the offer or the kind of file a customer has downloaded.

There is no limit on how much money you can earn on the website. The total amount of money you earn depends on the kind of file you are sharing with the world.  If you are able to find an interesting and an unique file to share with the world, you are definitely going to make some good money.

For example: let us assume they are 300 people downloading your file everyday and you are getting paid $1 per download. This equals to $300 per day. In one month, you will have made $9000, just from uploading Files alone.

That’s pretty good considering there is nothing else you are supposed to do besides looking for unique files and then uploading them to the Dollarupload website.

How Do You Get Paid Your Money

Dollarupload has partnered with Payoneer for those members who would like to get paid via Payoneer MasterCard debit cards. They also pay through bank transfers and wire transfers.

Some payments are done within 24 hours after you request for a withdrawal. They also have automatic weekly withdrawals. No need to request for a withdrawal.


Dollarupload is an interesting website where you can upload your files and start earning money. If you are able to upload a unique and an interesting file that will attracts a huge number of followings, then you can be assured of making some good money on this website.

One downside with this kinds of websites is that, they tend to be very intrusive in nature due to the pop surveys and may act as a turnoff to some customers.

Other than this, Dollarupload seems to be a good website to earn some extra dollars online.

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