Freebie Money Printer – Bigkabang Lead Generating System

Freebie Money System Review

I have decided to review one of the most popular lead generating system, Freebie Money Printer, which I think was released sometimes later last year by Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines.

There is alot of misconception about how this program works, which is even further exaggerated by the claim, Freebie Money Printer is “free”. So, today I am going to set the record straight by letting you know everything about this program and whether it really works or not.

What is Freebie Money Printer?

Freebie Money Printer is a marketing system for Bigkabang created by  Scott Agee & Stefan Dessalines. Basically, it is a lead generating system for Bigkabang, a company that partners with hundred’s of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Godaddy and Walmart, among others to generate prospective leads for them to market their goods or services.

In return, Bigkaban is paid a certain percentage of those companies’ profit and that is what they share with Freebie Money Printer members or leads.

How to Get Started with Freebie Money Printer

Freebie Money Printer system is open to USA and Canada residents only.  Signing up is very easy since you only need your email address to get started. Once you have signed up, you are immediately taken to the members area.

Freebie Money Printer system offers training on how to go about using the system and marketing your referral link to prospective leads. So, you do not have to worry about where to get information on how to use the system.

How to Make Money with Freebie Money Printer

To start making money with Freebie Money Printer, you will need to get qualified. Getting qualified means having achieved atleast 1 credit, which you achieve by enrolling for free trial offers. Each trial offer is worth a certain number of credits. So, you will most likely have to trial a few offers to achieve 1 credit.

Note: You do not have to wait until the trial period is over to avoid getting charged. Freebie Money Printer recommends to wait until atleast 85% of the trial period is over. For example, for a 30 days trial, you can cancel it on the 25th day. For a 7 days trial, you can cancel it on the 5th day.

Once you have 1 credit under your account, you are now qualified and you can start promoting the Freebie Money Printer system and earn money for every lead that sign ups.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid Per Qualifying Lead

Freebie Money Printer claims you get paid $40 commissions per lead. Payments are instantly available for deposit/withdrawal. If you do not want to get paid through Paypal, you can exchange the cash with a gift.


  • No skills or technical knowledge needed to earn money with Freebie Money Printer.
  • Free training on how to use the system and earn money.
  • Commission are instantly available for withdrawal or for depositing to your Paypal account.
  • High payout of $40 per qualifying lead.
  • You get a lead generating system for free that can help you to build leads for other businesses.
  • A feature that allow you to send messages to your leads.


  • Available to residents of USA and Canada only.
  • You will have to trial some offers inorder for you to qualify.
  • You might end up losing your money, if you forget to cancel the trial offers before expiry period.
  • You will need to market the system inorder for you to get leads.


Freebie Money Printer offers a free system and a great opportunity for American and Canada citizens to earn money by generating leads. However, since you are required to sign up for different trial offers inorder for you to qualify, remember to cancel the offer before the trial period is over. Otherwise, you might end up losing more money, instead of making money.

The other concern has something to do with the invasion of privacy. You are required to fill up your personal information while trying offers from different companies hence risking your personal information.

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