Writing Articles For SEO – 5 Things to Consider

Search Engine Optimized Articles

Most writers do article writing as their part time job. However, they are a few of them that solely rely on article writing as their only source of income. To some, this may sound impossible especially considering that most publishing websites are not willing to pay online writers a fortune and they only pay them just enough money to survive.

How then do some writers make a living out of writing articles? The key to success is by writing quality contents,  optimizing their articles for search engines and knowing how to drive traffic to their articles.

The following are 5 ways that can help you in achieving the goal of becoming a well paid article writer;

1.  Choose a Controversial Topic
Choosing a controversial topic is one of the best way to attract huge traffic to your articles. In most cases, people are afraid to discuss/write about topics that seem out of ordinary and it is most likely only a few of these kinds of controversial topics are already in the web.

A controversial article is more likely to appear on the top in search engine results. However, if you decide to write one such article, it is important you make sure it does not offend your audience and it is generating a health debate. Otherwise, a very controversial article may drive away your audience.

2.  Write Unique Content
If your content is unique and not found anywhere else in the internet, you are likely to generate more traffic and better ranking in SEO. If you are not sure of a certain title you plan to use on your article, you can always check the popularity and availability of that particular keywords using Google Keyword Planner. One thing to remember though, your title should be different from other article titles found in the web for a better ranking.

3.  Promote Your Article Actively
It won’t cost you anything to promote your article at least 3 times a day. If you have a good following, especially in social networks like Tweeter or Facebook, this is definitely a good way to drive traffic to your articles.

The power of social networks should never be underestimated. If you are good in promoting your articles and you have unique contents, you can generate a lot of traffic through social network.  Sometimes, your articles can even go viral.

4.  Use your Own Word/Style
Whether your articles are meant to target the local/global readers, it is important you understand audience will get more interested in reading articles that seem more original.

If you are not so good in English, you can decide to write articles that target the local audiences then use the Google translator for other languages.  Avoid copying and pasting articles from other writers as this will probably do you more harm than good and affect your traffic and SEO process.

5.  Write Informative Articles
Do not leave your readers/audience trying to guess the meaning of an article or regretting why they landed on your page or website. Take your time to do some research and give meaningful information to your readers.

Let everyone who reads your article gain something out of it and avoid just writing articles for keyword or SEO purposes. Basically, let your audience be on your mind when writing any article.

Lastly, while these are some of the ways that you can use to help in generating traffic to your articles, it is also equally important to know what kinds of topics generate more traffic than others or topics that are known as “high paying”.

If possible, try as much as possible to write articles categories that are known to have a good search engine ranking and those that do generate alot of interest.  By doing all these, you will definitely be able to boost your traffic and your earnings as well.

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