Fresh Store Builder 2015 – Can You Make Money?

Fresh Store Builder

One of the best way to make money online is by joining Amazon Associate to become an Amazon affiliate.

However, while it is usually very easy to join the Amazon Associate program since you only need a running website to get approved, the other problem that most people face especially beginners is how to set up an Amazon affilite website or store.

Setting up an Amazon affiliate website or store is usually not easy and may take you alot of time, unless you are just going to display some products links within your blog’s content.

However, even if you choose to display Amazon links within your contents that means you will have to update your blog more often to maintain a constant flow of traffic. Otherwise, it can be very hard to make sales with only a few readers.

On the other hand, you can decide to use software like the Fresh Store Builder, which can help to build for you an Amazon store within just a few minutes. So, this post explore more about Fresh Store Builder, which I have been using to build my Amazon stores.

I bought the unlimited version of the Fresh Store Builder back in May 2013 that allows me to build unlimited number of stores. For the first one year, I built 2 stores but unfortunately, the main keyword of one of the stores was not doing well due to very high competition. So, by the end of the year, I decided to do away with the store.

In year 2014, I only managed to create one more store since I was busy focusing on other things. So, in total, by the end of last year, I had 2 stores. On February this year, I decided to set up another one more store using a keyword that I found. So, as for today, I have a total of 3 stores all set up with Fresh Store Builder.

How are My Stores Fairing Today?

Among the 3 stores, there is one that is really doing well and currently it is ranked on the 3rd page of Google for a very competitive main keyword. The reason why it took so long to rank is because the keyword that I chose was an ecommerce keyword and I was competing with sites like eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, among others.

So, it took me alot of time to rank the store. I also did not do any backlinking since I thought I couldn’t rank the site. I only started building some backlinks late last year when I noticed the site was ranking naturally. This is another main reason that may have affected the ranking of my site.

The other two stores are also appearing among the first 6 pages in Google. However, I did write a few articles using long keyword phrases, which are the ones ranking now. I am hoping with a few more backlinking, I will be able to push the main keyword a little bit further from the current position.

How Much Money Have I Made So Far?

Frankly speaking, I haven’t made alot of money but I am happy with what I have made so far since it all passive income and I do not have to do any more work.  For the two stores, I have made around $300 since the time I set them up. However, considering I have not been doing any work and the sites ranked for themselves naturally, I am really happy with the results.

For the February store, it also seems to be doing  fine considering it has only being running for the last three months.  So far, i have already sold 18 items through the store and the best part is that this is all passive income.

I did also recover the money that I used to purchase the Fresh Store Builder within a few months from the other two stores. I had bought the unlimited version of Fresh Store Builder at $104, which you can now get at a much lower price.

Below is a screen shot of one of my latest stores showing order list from the time the store was set up on February to May.

Fresh Store Builder Proof

Below is the another screen showing how much money I have made from this store from February to May, 2015.

Amazon Payment Proof

As you can see, the store is not doing so bad considering it only a few months old. I am hoping as I continue building more links, it will even rank better and sales will increase.

What I have Learnt So Far?
One of the most  important thing that will determine how successful your store becomes is the keyword market research. If you are thinking of starting an Amazon affiliate store, I would recommend you to do a thorough keyword research.

Do not rush to building up stores, take your time, look for a relatively less competitive keyword to target and build your store targeting that particular keyword.

If you do that, you will not need to do anything else and your store will rank by its own easily.  In addition, it is also recommended that you add atleast 5 articles to make your store somehow unique. This will also help in ranking up your store for other related keywords.

If you are interested in starting your own store, you can visit the official Fresh Store Builder Website for more information.

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