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As we advance in technology, tablets, iPhones and smart mobile phones money making opportunities are increasing in number every other day.

One such popular way to make money via mobile devices is by installing company sponsored apps on your mobile phone.

Google, among other companies are willing to pay you for installing apps on your mobile devices and will continue paying you every month as long as you keep the apps installed on your mobile devices.

Basically, the apps work is to collect data from your mobile device in order to help other companies understand better web and mobile usage.

Some of the data collected include things such as what time of day people browse, how long they stay on particular websites and what type of apps are the most popular or most commonly used.

This information is then used to improve services and products for a better consumer experience.

The following are a few websites where you can get paid for installing apps on your smart mobile phone, tables, iPhone, kindle among others.

Even though the earnings is not that much but it could eventually add up to something good after sometimes.

  • Nielsen Mobile Panel – This is an American company where you earn up to $50/year for downloading the apps. As an active member, you are rewarded with Nielsen Mobile Rewards points worth up to $50 to spend at their exclusive Nielsen Mobile Rewards online store.
  • Media Insiders Panel – To be accepted on this website, you are required to answer a short survey questions, including the kind of mobile device you have, how many hours you use it to browse the internet, among others. Once you have qualified, you can download the app on your smart phone and start earning money. You will then earn $5 a month and you can install it on up to 3 devices.
  • MobileExpressions – MobileExpressions apps can be downloaded on most smartphones and tablets. Once you have it installed for atleast one week, you can now participate on their instant reward game where you can earn prizes such as cash, gift cards and merchandise.

In addition, you are automatically eligible to enter their $100,000 sweepstakes. Every month, a $100 winner is picked and is also given another chance to win $2500, $5000 or even $100,000.

  • Google Screenwise Panel – You are required to have a Google gmail account and you must also be a resident of USA. You will then earn $8 seven days after you have signed up and an additional $2 every week.

Rewards are paid in form of gift cards, which you can redeem on online stores such as Walmart, Papa Johns, Barnes & Noble, among others.

Here you have some of my top websites where you can get paid for downloading apps to your mobile devices.

Some of them will require you to fill up a short survey about your self and current devices you are using to qualify. In addition, you must also remain as an active member inorder for you to earn.

Make sure you also read their terms of use and any other important information before joining any of the listed panel.

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