Prize Rebel Review – Rewards Program

Prize Rebel Review

Prize Rebel is a reward website where you can earn some points for completing various tasks and offers such as surveys, signing for product trials or signing up on partner websites.

Prize Rebel claims to have partnered with advertisers who are looking for opinions on their new products or who would like you to be a member of their website.

In return for completing offers, you will earn points, which you can redeem for gift cards, online game codes, on or exchange them for Paypal cash.

Joining PrizeRebel

Joining Prize Rebel is completely free and open to members from all over the world. However, most of the offers are for residents of USA, UK, Canada and Australia but you can still earn points by completing offer walls, tasks, daily points and through their referral program.

In addition, you must also be 13 years and above to start earning from this website.

How Many Points Do You Earn Per Offer/Task?

The total number of points you earn depends on the kind of an offer you are completing and your ranking level. Different levels are attained by completing various set goals or by earning the required number of points for each level. On every level, you unlock more benefits.

Once you reach the Gold level or above, your rewards are automatically processed, if the item you want is on stock. All rewards are processed within 24 hours of request.

Prize Rebel Special Bonus

Prize Rebel special bonuses are extra points given on top of your monthly earnings from offers, surveys, offer walls, tasks, videos, daily points and referral earnings.

For example, if you have earned 300 points from the activities listed above and your special bonus % is 3%, you will receive a 9 point bonus at the end of the month.

Prize Rebel Referral Earnings

Prize Rebel referral earnings are based on your membership level, ranging in between 20%-30% and paid as follows;


Prize Rebel is a free reward website where you can earn points by completing various offers and tasks. However, since they also do offer product trials where you may be required to use your credit card, you must be careful not to end up losing more money than what you are making.

In addition, you should also make sure you create an email account specifically for this kind of offers or websites since you will be required to sign up on other websites or for other offers from the partner companies.

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