Gigwalk Review – Earn Money With Your iphone

Gigwalk is a mobile application that allows employers to hire contracted workers to complete various (gigs) tasks through iphone, Android or Blackberry. Companies or employers go to Gigwalk to post gigs and to search for workers to complete the tasks. Workers can browse through the many categories of gigs using Gigwalk app and select the kind of task they want to complete.

To be able to qualify and become a Gigwalk worker, you are required to fill up your profile with accurate information, including your educational background, skills and educational background and abide to Gigwalk terms of use.  Filling your personal data correctly is also another great way of building your reputation and increasing your chances of getting hired by more companies.

How to Earn Money with Gigwalk App

  • Using your gig app on your iphone or Android, you browse through the available gigs and select the one that you want to complete. Each gig comes with a price tag.
  • Submit an application on the gig that you want to complete. You must commit to completing the gig that you have selected.
  • The Gigwalk automatically selects the best workers to do the job, based on their skills and experience or the employer can manually select the applicants. You are then contacted to do the task.
  • Once you have completed the task, submit it using the Gigwalk app. The employer review the task and give feedback (review). You get paid if you have completed the task as expected or you may be asked for a quick followup question.

How Much Money Can You Earn with GigWalk?
Gigwalk payment ranges in between $3 – $90 or even more, depending on the kind of gig you are completing and your reputation. If you have been receiving good reviews from the employers or you belong to a certain group, you are likely to get more offers and earn more money than a regular workers.

Gigwalk workers also do earn points every time they receive a positive review and once your points reach a certain level, you get access to higher paying gigs. All Gigwalk workers are required to have a Paypal account. Payment are paid through Paypal, within 7 days after the employer has reviewed the completed task.

What Type of Gigs To Expect?
Most of Gigwalks tasks involve travelling to different locations, where the tasks are located. When companies post gigs, they are required to provide full details of the task description, including the nature of work to be completed, when is the due date, the location of the gig and the reward you earn after completing it. Gigwalk gigs range from taking photographs, auditing, finding a specific shop, reviewing of products, among others.

Lastly, Gigwalk offers a great opportunity to earn money through your iphone. However, you got to be very careful with the kind of tasks you have chosen to complete. Some workers have complained of doing too much work , which was not worth the payment and time. Most Gigwalk gigs involve travelling from one location to another. This means you will be using your money (gas) to travel to the job locations and if you are going to be paid only $15 per task, it is definitely not worth the time, unless all the jobs are located in one location.

Gigwalk claims to uncover lucrative offers for those workers who have build a good reputation and with good ratings, maybe you could give it a trial by sticking a little bit longer and find out how it works.

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