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Media Net Review

For a long time now, Google Adsense has managed to surpass all other advertising networks, when it comes to contextual type of ads and due to its high eCPM. However, with the recent collaboration of Yahoo, Bing networks (, it seems that, Google Adsense is up for another tough competition.

What is is a leading contextual advertising company that provides advertisers with a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions. The company basically connects advertisers to premium publishers with quality contents.

How Does Works?

  • Publishers sign up with by requesting for an invitation.
  • The invitation is submitted to staffs for a manual review and approval.
  • Wait for your application to be approved or to be rejected.

If your account is approved, you are assigned a sales representative, who will guide you on what type of ads and where to display them on your website. You can now start displaying Yahoo and Bing contextual ads on your website.

The sales representative is also responsible for monitoring your website for any irregularities. ads are highly customizable, well targeted and relevant to the site content. You can also list your own keywords that you want to target to maximize the click through rate. Site Requirements For Publishers

  • The site must have high quality premium contents.
  • High daily traffic and a reasonable number of visitors already using the site.
  • The site is receiving most of its traffic from US, Canada and United Kingdom.
  • The site should have English as the primary language.
  • The site should abide with other terms of use.

So far, is the best alternative to Google Adsense.

  • High CPM almost similar to Google Adsense- ranging in between $0.5 to $2.
  • Very higly targeted and customizable type of contextual ads with high CTR.
  • You can display ads with other ads that you may be using with no problems.
  • Excellent support system and sales representatives. They also do inform you the reason why your website was rejected, just like Google Adsense.
  • Payments made through Paypal or by wire transfer.


  • Only accepts premium publishers with very high quality contents. They are very strict on what kind of website they approve.
  • Each site has to be manually approval. You cannot add the code to a site which have not been approved.
  • Payout threshold slightly higher than other ads networks – up to $250.
  • Not for bloggers with low traffic sites or beginners.
  • Good for blogs receiving decent traffic from US, Canada and United Kingdom.
  • It may takes up to 2 weeks for your application to get approved.
  • May not be suitable for some niches.
  • You are allowed to submit only a maximum of 5 websites for approval.

Lastly, for those bloggers who may have been unlucky and gotten their Google Adsense disabled. Yahoo, Bing Ads Networks ( seems to be the ultimate alternative to Google Adsense. They are bloggers who are reporting of getting higher CTR and earnings, compared to what they were making with Google Adsense.

However, is very picky when it comes to choosing publishers and only accepts premium sites with high quality traffic. If your blog is still new or you do not have adequate traffic, is not for you. You would be better off if you try other ad networks.

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