How to Start an Affiliate Marketing in 2014

The procedure and steps to start an affiliate marketing are very easy, you can right away be an affiliate marketer. Start by picking a product, vetting, setting up a website, writing a review and linking your site.

1. Select a product
Selecting a product to promote is one of the most important step and one area where most people get stuck because they want to choose the ideal product. Take note that perfect product do not exist! They are different needs for different people, so what seem perfect to you is useless to another person. It is important to know that you are selling to them but not you.

The best way to get the most lucrative product to promote is by hitting, spool through all the categories available. Browse to see which products are most popular and trendy. List down the names of the products at least five products of your choice and vet each one of them.

2. Vetting the product
After listing the product of your choice, look at the product and decide if they are highly marketable or not. You can use Google Keyword planner and other tools to find out which products among the one you have selected are more marketable. Once you have selected the product, follow the instructions given on how to become an affiliate or how to get the affiliate link of that particular product.

3. Create a website
You can create a website through WordPress or create a YouTube video. Nowadays, creating a website is simple and may only take you a few hours or a day. If you get stuck along the way, they are many YouTube tutorial videos that can direct you throughout the whole process.

4. Write a Review
You do not have to write a very long review, it can be simple but to the point. Your review should be able to answer all the concerns of whoever is reading it. Let the reader understand why your product is different from others and what he/she will gain by purchasing your product. Do not forget to include the cons and pros of purchasing such product.

5. Link your site
This is the last step and what is important is to get people to your site. You want people to look at your product review, people who are interested in the product you are promoting. This you can simply achieve by either using paid traffic or generating traffic through SEO. Once you have learned the best way to generate traffic, you can now relax and wait for the traffic to generate sales for you.