The Secrets to Traffic Generation

How to Increase Website Traffic

Before I reveal my top 3 secrets to traffic generation, it is important to understand how search engines work. Search engines send out robots called spiders to craw over every website on the internet.

When a spider lands on a website, it will index each page of the website for particular words. After a spider has indexed what it values as important, it will move on to the next webpage. The search engine will then use search terms and match them with the indexed terms to produce sites that deem valuable.

Now that you understand how search engines work, let dive into the top 3 secrets to traffic generation for a website.

1. Social Media
Social Media is a great tool to generate traffic to your website. When you cross link your website to a Facebook page and a Twitter account your website will automatically lead to what we call “self marketing”. If a search engine sees that a Twitter account has re-posted what is on a website, the search engine tends to value that website as more likely to have relevant content.

Currently, Youtube is the second most popular search engine. You can create a video about a particular topic, embed it into your website with a complete transcription of what was said in the video, then link the video with a short description to your Facebook page and Tweet the same information that was put on Facebook.

Although the transcription may take some of your time, you will be able to create incredible amount of buzz over one topic which will greatly increases traffic to your website.

2. Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is having your site placed higher by search engines. Some of the most basic search engine optimization techniques will drastically improve your visibility on a SERP.

Some of these basic techniques include: having a sitemap – the least amount of clicks a spider has to take the better, placing keywords in heading and in video and diagram descriptions – spiders do not read diagrams or watch videos, so you have to tell them what is in it and deleting dead links – spiders hate dead links.

3. Frequent Posting
Placing current information on your website is one of the most important of all the secrets to traffic generation. If there is no current or changing information, why would anyone want to visit your site? Think about it, why would any want to come back if it has nothing new to offer? They would not.

If you are consistently posting or you have a new section on your website that contains good quality contents, you have a higher likelihood that you will find readers interested in what you have to say.