Its Game On Review – Vappey Facebook Game App Program

Its Game On is a new program that claims you can earn commission by playing free games on Facebook through Vappey app.  According to their advertising video, anyone who joins the program as a V Promoter can earn up to 10% commission from payment paid to friends/downline,  up to 10 levels deep.

Joining Its Game

Joining Its Game On is free.  However, free members do not earn commission. They are only paid equivalent points/prizes from the prizes won by their referrals.  Basically, whenever you share a game with a friend and that friend wins points or a prize, you also win the same prize.

If you want to earn commission, you must become a V Promoter by purchasing a monthly game credit pack in Diamond level worth $149.99 or $99.99 on autoship and paying the yearly membership fee of $99.99.

Here are the different pricing of the Game Credits packs;

  • Bronze Pack – 10 credit games at $10
  • Silver Pack – 20 credit games at $18.99
  • Gold Pack – 50 credit games at $44.99
  • Platinum Pack – 100 credit games at $84.99
  • Diamond Packs – 200 credit games at $149.99 plus the Vpromoter price, which is $99.99.

Note: You only qualify to become a V Promoter on Diamond level, other levels do not qualify.

Its Game On Line of Products

Its Game On line of products include a Facebook app; Vappey that allow you to play free and paid games on Facebook and earn commission/points. You also earn equivalent points from your referred friends, whenever they play games.

Its Game On Compensation Plan

Its Game On compensation plan revolves around affiliates recruiting retails customers or maintaining a certain monthly personal purchase of a Diamond Credit pack to become a V Promoter. Basically, the work of a V Promoter is to acquire new customers and to increase brand awareness. V Promoters are compensated on the sale of Vappey game credits from their personal sales or sales made by their downline.

V Promoter Commission

As a V Promoter, you get paid on every referral up to 10 levels. You also earn commission on every main prize won by your referrals up to 10 level deep. You will earn a matching prize equivalent to the one paid to your downline, who are promoters themselves. As a V Promotor, you get paid for customer acquisition and ticket sales.  Friends who are not promoters do not earn commission and only earn matching prizes and points on friends they have referred to play Vappey.

Freemium Commission

If you are a commission qualified promoter, you earn 10% commission every time someone from your network of players or promoters win a prize.  For Example, if someone on level 6, win $1000, you get paid $100. You also earn commission on game credit sales from your network.

Qualification Requirement for a V Promoter

You become qualified through personal usage and/or customer sales as follows;

  • You must have paid the annual membership of $99.99
  • Purchase the Diamond credit pack at promoters price of $99.99 on autoship (retail price $149.99) or generate a sale of $149.99 in customer sales every 28 days.

Commission Earned on Diamond Credit Pack Sales

You earn $50 on all Diamond Credit Pack Sales on level 1. You also earn $2 on all sales of Diamond pack from level 2 through to level 10.

Commission Earned from Other Credit Pack Sales

All other commissions are calculated on Group Sales Volume, where 1 GVS earns you 5 cents. For example, if your downline (referrals) generates a sale of $10,000 Group Sales Volume, you earn $500.

Commission on Prizes

You earn 10% of the value of the main prize whenever anyone in your 10 level network of promoters and customers win a prize.  Same case when a person plays a paid game and wins a prize.

Special Promotion

These are special bonuses and promotion offered by the company, which are not considered as a  part of the  V Promoter compensation plan.

Its Game On Payment Processors

Payment are paid weekly through Payooner Master debit card. No other payment processors is accepted.


Its Game On offers an interesting way to earn commission and prizes by playing games using Vappey, a Facebook app.  However, it is important to understand you can only earn commission if you are V Promoter (free members do not earn commission) and you have attained the minimum qualification requirements, which includes; paying a yearly membership fee of $99.99 and purchasing Diamond credit pack at promoters price of $99.99 or generating $149.99 in customer sales every 28 days.

This requirements seem a little bit exaggerated when considering the usual cost of playing games online, which are mostly free to play. So far, listening to their advertising video and emphasis given to their pay plan, they seem to be promoting the compensation plan rather than the Vappey app itself, which is typical of modern recruitment schemes. If I were you, I would think twice before buying any of their game credits packs.