Traffic Genesis Review – Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins Facebook Advertising

One best way to get your product exposed to a large number of audience is through Facebook. Facebook remains one of the largest social media network and currently with over 1 billion people using Facebook every month, you can expect to get the best of all other social network. Unlike other social networks and advertising platforms, Facebook is also one of the cheapest with pay per click click going as low as low as $0.29.

If you have a product to promote or looking for a way to start marketing your offer at a very reasonable price, Facebook beats them all. However, most people do not understand how to go about selecting or setting up a good campaign that will result in sales. They end up spending more money than they expected and giving up in the process. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have released their free video on how to get started on Facebook advertising – You can check it out here.

What is Traffic Genesis?
Traffic Genesis is a Facebook marketing training created by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins are well known when it comes to internet marketing and they have earned their titles as internet marketing experts due to their proven records.  In Traffic Genesis, they are revealing all secrets about Facebook marketing and how you can manage to turn $10 to $100 within just a few minutes.

Traffic Genesis is a system that teaches you how to target the right Facebook audience and how to direct them to your offer, website or whatever product you want to promote by spending pennies. This is not your usual pay per click training but a proven system, with live demos from people who have generated traffic and sales at a very low cost.

You got to learn the best way to set up your campaigns and how to get your offers in front of a well targeted millions of audience on Facebook.

What Else Can you Expect to Learn From the Training?

  • How to find a good product that converts well.
  • How to spy on your competitors to know what they are selling and how they are doing it.
  • How to set up a Facebook Campaign.
  • How to Target the right audience using specific settings.
  • How to make the Facebook ads work for you.
  • How to get converting Facebook ads at pennies.
  • How to twist your campaign to improve your click through rate.
  • How to convert unlikely customers to buying customers and much more.

Traffic Genesis is a comprehensive training on Facebook advertising. If you have never tried Facebook or you are looking for a way to increase your income online, Traffic Genesis is the best way to get started now. With Traffic Genesis, you get to learn the basic, if you are a beginner and the advanced (if you are an intermediate or advanced) in Facebook marketing.

Learn how to become  an expert when it comes to Facebook advertisement. Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins Facebook are not only marketing their course but they have also released a free video training. Check out this free training on how to get started on Facebook and get your free download here.

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