Kannaway Review – Hemp MLM Based Company

Kannaway, a Hemp MLM Company is to be officially launched on April 1. According to Kannaway, the first line of products to be launched will be made from hemp oil, which is naturally rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and do not contain THC. Kannaway claims their products shall be shipped in all 50 states in America.

Joining Kannaway
Joining Kannaway is by purchasing any of their products, plus paying a $15 monthly fee to become an affiliate. Affiliates are then ranked according to their purchases. However, Kannaway states there is no required product purchase to be a Kannaway Independent Business Owner (an affiliate) and the only thing required is the payment of $15 monthly membership fee.

Kannaway Line of Products
The first line of products to be released into the market by Kannaway’s will be vapor inhaler called “HempVap” costing $90 and a CBD-rich salve costing $50, which are third party products and can be bought together as a combo pack at $125.

Kannaway Compensation Plan
Kannaway compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing any of their products to secure positions in the company’s compensation plan or selling their products to retail customers. In addition, you must meet the following requirement;

1. You must register as a Kannaway Independent Business Owner (IBO) by enrolling online and paying the a monthly affiliate fee of $15. The monthly fee allow you to get access to;

  • Kannaway Marketing Websites
  • Kannaway secure Back Office
  • Kannaway Training
  • Kannaway Media Marketing System

2. You must activate your Business Center by personally selling or purchasing a Qualified Kannaway Product or Product Pack.

3. Maintain the minimum Personal Recurring Sales Volume (PV) required for your rank each month, either through customer sales or personal orders. Kannaway is offering 10 different affiliate membership ranks.

There are 10 ways to get paid,

  • Direct Sales Income
  • Get Three and Your’s Is Free
  • First Order Bonus
  • First Order Team Bonus
  • Team Override Bonus
  • Differential Infinity Bonus
  • Coded Infinity Bonus
  • Bonus Pools
  • Car Program
  • Incentives & Rewards

You can learn more about the Kannaway Compensation plan through a PDF here.

Kannaway compensation plan looks pretty impressive and unlike other MLM that rely heavily on recruitment, you do not have to recruit to earn commission with Kannaway. There is also no purchase requirements for an affiliate, you can become a paid affiliate by simply paying the $15 membership fee and earn commission from retail sales. The 110 BV monthly requirements is also acceptable since with retail customers orders, it is most likely that an affiliate will be able to reach the required qualifying BV.