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User -Testing- Review

User Testing is an interesting website where you can get paid for testing usability and friendliness of other websites. What happens is that, you as a user tests a website, gives feedback and comments about that particular website. If you are able to satisfactorily tests a website and owner approves your testing, you get paid. This testing can take anywhere in between 20-30 minutes to finish.

The website you are given to test depends on your demographic status. Whenever there is a website that needs to be tested, your profile is matched to the target audiences of that particular website. If your demographic profile matches the requirements, then you are picked to do the testing.

How Much Money Do You Get Paid?

Website testers get paid $10 for each completed website they test and $15 for each completed mobile test.  This test consists of a 20 minute of recording and answers to 4 follow-up written questions. All payments are made daily for jobs completed seven days earlier through Paypal.

Specific Requirements

  • You must be 18 years and above.
  • Have your own computer and high speed internet.
  • You have filled up your demographic information and any other information required.
  • You must use the website based screen recorder to record your verbal comments and screen when browsing through the website.
  • Answer four questions in details about your experience 0n the website.
  • No installation of any software is required. No use of webcam and you face is not recorded.

Here is important information that I found on the website that is worth to notice;

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Most people shouldn’t plan on earning a steady income through

Why you might not receive many (or any) work opportunities. There are three reasons for this:

1. Your demographics. You’ll only receive work opportunities if your demographic profile matches the target audience of the websites being tested.

2. An oversupply of user testers. Because this is such a high-paying opportunity, we have more user testers in our database than we have work opportunities.

3. Your ability to provide useful feedback. To be a helpful user tester, you should be good at thinking out loud, taking the point of view of the customer, and finding things that are confusing.

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