5 Top Blog Entries Known to Increase Sales and Traffic

5 top blog entries to increase sales

Nowadays, most bloggers are using their blogs to promote their own self made products, services or even to sell their expertise in different fields. While it is true how successful you become online or how much money you make will be determined by many factors, such as your niche, ability to create a community (traffic) and your target audience, among others.

Others factors are under looked and may have a significant influence on how your readers react or may even help you in generating more sales.

In this post, we are going to look at different types of blog entries that can enhance your sales or can lead to your blog generating more traffic;

Problems Type of Entries

In some instances, some customers may have bought a product, however, after using it for sometime, they realize the product is not giving them the exact kind of results they expected.  So, in response, they will turn to writing negative reviews about that particular product.

If you are able to write a blog entry that is able to solve that particular problem, you are more likely to change peoples’ mind about that particular product in question, which may lead to more sales.

Better Alternative Entries

These are types of blog entries that provide a better alternative to what is available or what is already known. These type of entries are meant to provide an easier way of solving a certain problem. Something like “new trick” to solve a certain known issue may have a significant positive influence on your audience and sales.

Product and Services Comparison Entries

Comparison blog entries usually highlight the differences between two or more products/services. These types of blog entries are more likely to generate more sales since  they give a comparison of two products.

By providing customers with the reason why they should go for product A rather than product B, you are making their choices very easy and it is most likely they will end up buying your product.

User Stories/Reviews Entries

These types of blog entries is where you seek the opinions of your visitors. You may want to know the users experiences while using a certain product. Users are more likely to trust reviews/opinions about certain products coming from other users rather than the company itself.

New Product Entries

When a new product is introduced into the market, it is usually highlighted in the web. If you are able to be among the first bloggers to write a review about a new product once it is launched, this is also one of the best ways to attract potential buyers and make some quick sales.

Readers usually look for a place where they can find related information about a certain product and since you have already reviewed the product, you are more likely to get an increase number of visitors or even sales when promoting a new product.

These are my 5 top blog entries that you can write about. These blog entries are more likely to generate sales or massive traffic to your blog. If you have a blog, selling online or doing some form of affiliate marketing on your blog, consider writing atleast one of the listed entries.

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