ExitJunction Review – Get Paid For Bounce Traffic

ExitJunction is a pay per click advertising network where publishers get paid for their bounce traffic. Unlike other PPC networks where you get paid for displaying ads on your website, ExitJunction is a little bit different since you only monetize your bounce traffic or visitors leaving your site, coming from search engines.

How to Make Money with ExitJunction

It is believed that most users when they land on a website through a search engine, they only view one page and then, they are mostly likely to hit the back button to leave the site or to go back to the search results page. To utilize this kind of bounce traffic, this where ExitJunction comes in.

When a user leaves a site, instead of going back to the search engine, they will first see a page full of sponsored ad from Exitjunction and since these ads are well targeted and relevant, they are more likely to click on them.

Basically, this is how you will be making money from your bounce traffic or from visitors leaving your site.  How much money you earn depends on the quality or demographic location of the readers visiting your site and the type of contents found on your site.


  • You make money by utilizing your bounce traffic or visitors leaving your site.
  • You can use Exitjunction together with other networks since the ads are only shown when a user leaves a page.
  • This kind of advertising may help in decreasing your site’s bounce rate since visitors who do not want to click on an ad, may decide to go back to the actual site and they are more likely to view more pages.
  • No extra space needed to display Exitjunction ads.
  • A good way to monetize your site, especially among visitors who may land on your site randomly from search engines.
  • The ads do not interfere with the user experience while on the actual site.


  • ExitJunction ads are only displayed if the traffic is coming from search engines and not to other traffic generating methods like Facebook.
  • Visitors may get upset since when they hit the back button, they are re-directed to a new page, instead of going back to search engine.

ExitJunction Payment Method
All payments are made through check or through PayPal. You need to have accumulated atleast $50 before you can request for a withdrawal.

If you are looking for ways to monetize your bounce traffic, ExitJunction would be a better option for you. In addition, you can still use it with other ad networks since the ads are only displayed when a user leaves a site. However, you have to be very careful since you will be re-directing your website readers to another site and some of them may get upset.

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