Mass Planner Review – Best Social Marketing Automation Application

Mass Planner Review - Best Social Marketing Automation Application

For over the last three months, I have been looking for better ways to get my ecommerce websites out to the masses but unfortunately, I couldn’t find something that worked well to my satisfaction. I came across a few social marketing tools but for most of those I tried, they were all lacking in some ways.

They would either do one or two things like following or unfollowing on Instagram but none of them seemed to accomplish what I really wanted. I wanted something that could automate all my social marketing in one place and I am glad I found one – Mass Planner.

As you know, social marketing is huge and with current Google updates that keeps on changing every other day, it becoming harder to rely on search engine traffic and if you are not using social traffic for your marketing, you are losing alot.  Most of the big companies and well known gurus are now relying on social marketing as their only source of traffic and definitely making a “kill” especially on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

For sometimes, I did not put much efforts on social marketing as most of my websites were constantly getting traffic from Google until this year when three of my websites were affected by last Google update. From that time onwards, I decided I was not going to rely again on search engine traffic and I completely shifted my focus to social marketing.

I set up different accounts on most of the major social networks like Facebook, Instagram but the manual work was just too much for me as I had to update 12 accounts in a single day.  I couldn’t keep it up but luckily, it wasn’t for long. While I was busy searching for an alternative or something that could make my posting easier,  I came across an application by the name Mass Planner.  This tool has been a life saver for me when it comes to generating social traffic.

What Exactly is a Mass Planner?

Mass Planner is a social marketing application that allow you to automate everything on all major social networks. It’s basically a desktop application you install on your computer or on any window supported VPS and it does everything on your behalf from liking, following, commenting and all other social action.

Below is a screen shot from my Mass Planner Dashboard showing the different kind of social networks that are supported.

Mass Planner Supported Social Networks

 Mass Planner Social Marketing Tools

Mass Planner comes with various tools to automate your social marketing work. These tools includes like, comment, unfollow, followback,  tweet,  favorite,  retweet, pin, Facebook group finder, Joiner, unjoiner among others tools. For those who want extra tools like Instagram poster, Instagram account creation, Facebook Bump up, these tools are not included in the basic purchases and are part of the extra modules, which you can purchase later on. The prices of extra modules ranges inbetween $10-$40, which is quite good considering all modules are life time or one purchase modules.

Mass Planner Review

Once you have your Mass Planner running, you just have to set up these tools only once and you can leave the mass planner to do the rest work for you. The most important thing to remember is to always not overdo. Make sure your settings resemble that of a human being, especially if your account is still new.

For a very new account, you could start by following around 50-100 people per day and then increases as times goes by. Otherwise, excessive abuse of the application can lead to your accounts getting restricted or permanently banned.

For instance, as you can see on my settings above, I have set the Mass Planner to do one action at a time per account. I do not set it to do more than one action as that the normal way a human being operate.  I have also set the limit or the maximum number of people or actions it can perform in a day. Once the daily limit it reached, a red exclamation point will be displayed next to the social network account/tool whose limit has been reached.

The only extra thing I do with the Mass Planner is posting, I bought the extra Instagram posting life time module at $35. This allow me to post images/contents to my social networks account, I just have to create campaigns and select the social networks where I want the contents to be posted. The basic version allow you to post to all other social networks apart from Instagram. So, if your marketing is geared toward other social networks besides Instagram, you do not need the Instagram posting module.

In my case, I am currently running a total of 7 campaigns. Most of them posting in one or two social networks.  You can see how many posts have been posted and what is remaining to be posted. All my campaigns are standard, you can also set bulk, if you have like 100 accounts and you need to post on all of them at the same time.

Mass Planner Campaigns

How Much Does Mass Planner Cost?

To be frank, the first time I discovered this application, I expected it to be over $500 based on what it does and in comparison to other social marketing tools available on the market but luckily, it does not cost that much or even closer to such amount. The Mass Planner only cost less than $9.95 per month or you can pay $44.95 for 6 months subscription. I opted for the 6 months since it much cheaper plus it comes with flicker and Pinterest module and allow you to add up to 4 accounts of each social networks. I also added the extra 8 account module. This allow me to have up to 12 accounts of each social network.

Mass Planner Support System

I have to admit their support system is one of best I have ever comes across. They will answer your concerns or questions within just a few minutes of submitting.  They even offer to set up the application for you for free incase you are not sure of what to do. I had mine set up on Amazon VPS as I did not want my laptop to be affected in performance and they set if for me for free. Amazon offers a one year free EC2/VPS, you can set it there and it will run 24/7 even when you are sleeping.  Otherwise, if you have a spare computer or you do not use your computer to do so so much work, you could set it on it. You just have to make sure the computer is on all the time or whenever time you set it to do the work.


I have been on internet marketing since 2011 and I haven’t come across a powerful social marketing application like Mass Planner. It’s price also beats it all and it’s hard to believe such an application could cost this low. From their subscription page, it seems the application used to cost around $11.95 but they are offering a 20% off and is only costing $9.99 per month.

I am glad I was able to discover this application and it was even more surprising that within the first fews days of setting it up and getting new followers, I did manage to make 5 sales in one of my ecommerce website, I will be writing about this on the follow up posts.

If you are into social marketing and looking forward to growing your brand or your name, Mass planner is definitely a social marketing application you definitely need. They are offering a 5 days trial, you can try and decide for yourself if you want to continue using it. You can check more about it on the Mass Planner official website.

Note: Mass planner discontinued their services early 2017.  

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