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Neucopia is a Multi-Level Marketing company that has been running since June 2012. The name Neucopia is derived from the Latin word “copia” meaning abundance. Neucopia claims their main mission is to help people create a lifestyle of abundance in everything they do.

Who is Behind Neucopia?
Neucopia is been headed by Rich Cook (CEO), who is claimed to have a proven record as an expert in marketing by becoming a top earner in affiliate marketing, using the same training and tools that Neucopia is offering to their premier members.

Neucopia Line of Products
Neucopia line of products include; paying a monthly membership fee to get access to educational and marketing tools that you will need to market your business.

Some of the basic things that you can expect to learn from Neucopia include;

  • Knowledge of landing page psychology
  • How to effectively do a video marketing.
  • How to generate traffic that converts to sale.
  • How to effectively market your business, among others.

As an affiliate of Neucopia, you will also get access to top tools, training and income generating strategies that will help you succeed in marketing.

Neucopia Memberships
Neucopia is offering two different kinds of membership; The basic level membership and the Premier Level Membership.

1.  Neucopia Basic Membership Level
The Neucopia basic membership costs $49.95 per month, plus one time payment of $49.95 upon enrollment. The basic membership level gives you access to top tools, training and income generating strategies. Some of the tools that you get access to include; pro marketing graphics, list building mojo, Craig list blackhat system, social media manager, easy word press, word press squeeze page, cpanel tutorial, among others.

2.  Neucopia Premier Membership Level
Neucopia premier membership level is costing $169.95 a month, plus one time payment of $269.95 upon enrollment. The premier membership gives you access to all the marketing tools found in the basic membership, plus you will have an opportunity to learn from Neucopia top gurus in their respective fields. You can find a list of the upcoming speakers on the Neucopia Premier Membership page.

Neucopia Compensation Plan
Neucopia is offering two levels of compensation plan (also known as Neucopia Accelerator Plus Compensation Plan). The Basic Level Compensation and the Premier Level Compensation.

Neucopia Basic Level Compensation
In addition to paying the initial $49.95 upon enrollment and monthly payment of $49.95, to be able to qualify to earn from Neucopia basic compensation plan, you are required to make at least two basic sales.

This is the only time you become a qualified member and you can receive a monthly residual income on all your future basic sales. This means from your third sale onwards, you will be making $25 per sale and $25 Monthly from that same sale.

Below is the summary of the Neucopia basic compensation level;

  • 2 Basic sales to qualify
  • $25 per sale and $25 monthly residual thereafter .
  • $100 per Premier sale (after qualification, no residual).
  • 2 Premier sales pre-qualify for Premier Qualification.
  • 10% match on personally sponsored Premier residual income.
  • (on Premier monthly membership Only, does not include Basic residual of $25).

Neucopia Premier Level Compensation
After paying the initial enrollment fee of $269.95 and $169.95 monthly, you instantly become pre-qualified for basic level compensation plan. This means you do not have to sell the two basic sales to qualify for basic monthly residue income.

Your first basic sale immediately pays you $25 and then $25 per month. If one of your basic member upgrades, the sale is counted as one of your two qualifying premier sales.

If you directly refer a premier member, to earn a residual income from your premier membership, you are required to make at least two premier sales. You then become a qualifying member and earn $200 per future Premier sales and $100 per month in residual income.

Below is the summary of the Neucopia Premier compensation;

  • Pre-Qualified on Basic sales ($25 per sale and $25 monthly residual thereafter).
  • 2 Premier sales to Qualify
  • $200 per premier sales and $100 monthly residual thereafter (after qualification).
  • Any basic upgrades to Premier counts as Premier Qualifier.
  • 10% match on personally sponsored Premier residual income.
  • (on Premier monthly membership Only, does not include Basic residual of $25).

Neucopia introduces nothing new in the market, apart from the same old concept that has previously been used by other MLM companies. The idea where members earn by referring other members to purchases the membership.

This simply shows that, the company is solely relying on the monthly membership fee paid by other members and the sustainability of the program will be determined by how many new people enroll into the program and purchase the membership.

For example, if you purchase the basic membership, you will be paying a total of $49.95 per month, plus one time payment of the same amount. For you to qualify for a monthly residual income, you need to recruit two more people.

This means you will be bringing a total of $49.95 x 3 = $149.85 monthly into the system. Each month, each one of you receive $25. So the total amount paid to you three will be $75. So, $149. 85 – $75 = $74.85 will be left into the system.

From above calculations, you can clearly see that, your passive income is coming directly from your membership fee, plus you leave a part of it into the system. Surely, why would someone pays $49.95 per month (basic) or $169.95 per month (premier) just to get access to some marketing tools and webinars when you can get the same tools at a cheaper price?

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