Success With Anthony 2.0 Review – 2013 Version, Legit or Scam?

Success with Anthony

Success with Anthony 2.0 is a new training course by Anthony Morrison. Anthony Morrison is a well known author and an internet marketer who has been successfully making money online since 2005. He has been featured in news media like CNN, Fox, among others.

What is Success with Anthony 2.0?
Success with Anthony 2.0 is complete new version from his previous release. A detail video training courses on everything that you need to know in making money online; from starting a website, to marketing and how to become successful from a real life experience personal point of view.

Anthony Morrison details his real journey from the time he was a student to how he became a millionaire and what he did to be where he is right now. The main concept of Success with Anthony 2.0 is on how to get fast, targeted traffic without spending too much money.

As we all know, even if you have a great website with great content, if you are not getting adequate, targeted traffic to your website, you are most likely not going to success in making money online. To be able to success and make money, you will have to generate good, quality and converting traffic.

However, getting traffic by use of black SEO or other unacceptable means may lead to serious consequences. This is the reason why Anthony Morrison have come up with what he calls the Fast Traffic Sniper. The main software of Success With Anthony 2.0, that I will focusing on this post.

What to Expect with Success with Anthony 2.0 Training Course

Success With Anthony 2.0 is a very comprehensive course. The whole course is divided into different workbooks (modules), plus the Fast Traffic Sniper software. The first video is an introduction from Anthony Morrison that explains more about the course and how to get started.

This video show you all the step that you need to follow and what you need to do, including how to get your 5 free websites, how to apply for personal coaching, among others. The next in the line is the Fast Traffic Sniper, which is the main software that you can use to generate massive targeted traffic.

What is Fast Traffic Sniper and How to Use it to Make Money
Fast Traffic Sniper is a software that you can use to generate massive, targeted traffic. Basically, the software works by scrapping contents (website URLs) in YouTube by use of what is called YouTube Scrapper. You simply key in the keywords of your choice and it will displays a list of all YouTube websites that are using that keyword, You can then create a campaign targeting that keyword.

So what happens is that, when you create a campaign targeting a certain keyword, your campaign will be linked to those specific YouTube videos by Fast Traffic Sniper software. When a user search for that specific keyword that you used in creating your campaign, a small pop up window will appear just before the YouTube video with a specific call to action.

Your campaign can be either PPC or lead generating.This simply means the user will not access the YouTube video, unless a certain action is completed.

YouTube is viewed by millions of people, everyday and that means you will be getting highly targeted, highly converting traffic. Fast Traffic Sniper software can also be used to scrap contents from other search engines like Google and Yahoo. Fast Traffic Sniper training also comes in PDF for those who do not like watching videos.

In addition to Success with Anthony 2.0 Fast Traffic Sniper, you also get access to different workbooks, ranging from email marketing, SEO and Social marketing. Each of these workbooks is composed of different several modules or videos, from learning the basic, to setting up an email list, to launching a product, to using social networks to generate traffic and SEO.

Basically, you get everything that you need to do proper marketing and generate very targeted traffic. You also get access to weekly training, one to one consultation and training webinars.


  • If you have been waiting for a very comprehensive training course in marketing, Success With Anthony 2.0 is the best course that you can ever purchase at $49.
  • Anthony Morrison promises $100 pay back if you do not make any money after following this training.
  • Fast Traffic Sniper software is able to generate massive, highly converting traffic that can lead to alot of sales.
  • You can use it to promote any offers or build your email list or simply drive massive traffic to your affiliate products.
  • Weekly trainings that are accessible to everyone.
  • Comes with live training webinars, plus replays if you miss any session.


  • You will need to have some capital to get started since it works with paid traffic. The good thing is that you can purchase very cheap paid traffic without having to spend too much money.
  • Beginners may have a heard time undertanding the whole course and learning how to use the training right.
  • You will need to pay for the web hosting – the 5 free websites that they are offering are not really free, you will get charged the hosting costs if you accept them. It is much cheaper if you already have your own website or you could purchase your own domain and pay for hosting.

Is Success with Anthony 2.0 legit or Scam?
Success with Anthony 2.0 is not a scam, it is a comprehensive marketing training program with all the important information that you need in starting your own successful affiliate marketing business online. The training is suitable for beginners as well as advanced marketers who are looking for ways to generate massive, targeted traffic and increase their sales or conversion.

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